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    Hallo Entwicklerteam,

    ich verfasse diesen Beitrag auf Deutsch, da er im Grunde nur Deutschland betrifft. Speziell geht es um die ab Mai gültige DSGVO (Datenschutzgrundverordnung), nachdem die Verwendung von Google Fonts aufgrund der Trackbarkeit nicht mehr so wie üblich gestattet sein dürfte, selbiges gilt für Maps und auch für YouTube-Videos.

    Ist für Fonts die Möglichkeit vorgesehen, diese auch lokal einzubinden? Wie wäre das bei Enfold zu bewerkstelligen?

    Hier sehe ich gar keine Möglichkeit, dass ohne den Google-Server zu lösen, habt ihr euch mit dem Thema schon beschäftigt?

    Ist vorgesehen, dass es ggf. nur noch ein Vorschaubild geben wird und das Video erst geladen wird, wenn es angeklickt wurde?

    Vielen Dank für eure Antwort und herzliche Grüße!


    Ja … leider, leider ein sehr interessante Frage. Würde mich auch interessieren.


    Hi Yigit,

    sorry, i can’t see how this is addressing my questions.
    1.) First & important: How do i load Google Fonts from my local server with Enfold?
    2.) Forget about it, i guess this will be a google thing.
    3.) What about a YouTube-Play-Preview only contacting google when clicked?

    Thanks in advance,



    and now get into more paranoia : what about cdn use ???
    if the server isn’t in germany

    Hello last century; What are 100 lawyers on the seabed

    I can only shake my head as this country sends itself out. With the Internet speeds, we are already behind the moon, now everyoone is still trying to drive the internet traffic even worse in creating legal obstacles.



    1- Please refer to @guenni007’s thread here –
    3- You can add an image element and link it to Youtube video and it would play in lightbox. However loading video when image/play button is clicked is not possible out of the box.

    Google is also working on GDPR compliance. We are following up on the news and we will make sure Enfold will meet the requirements of GDPR before deadline :)



    here are all files that has to be used for all enfold fonts implemented.

    maybe Yigit can upload them on a kriesi server – don’t know how long i can host them.
    Do not forget to deactivate the google font loading via functions.php of the child theme:

    add_action( 'init', 'enfold_customization_switch_fonts' );
    function enfold_customization_switch_fonts() {
        global $avia;
        $avia->style->print_extra_output = false;

    by the way: if the fonts are activated manually – you can use the enfold options as well – the classes are set and css rules are set as before. Only activation of the fonts must be done manually via local install


    do not forget the plugin itself with its given structure
    the upload seems to be not full !
    fonts are missing it goes from advent-pro till yellowtail



    I am done uploading files :)

    Best regards,


    Thanks, i will check that out! Would be great to have that built-in somehow anyway.



    Hi all,

    what about GoogleMaps, SocialShareButtons regarding the DSGVO?

    Best regards



    As i said before, we will make sure that Enfold meets all GDPR requirements before deadline. Google is also working on it. They will probably make necessary changes before deadline, if they do not cover every aspect, we will.



    Absolutely perfect. Thanks! :)



    Not at all! :)
    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues!



    Thank you very much for this interesting topic and the helpful enfold support.



    thanks for the ZIP, but I do not understand what you mean with

    by the way: if the fonts are activated manually – you can use the enfold options as well – the classes are set and css rules are set as before. Only activation of the fonts must be done manually via local install

    What do I need to do exactly please?



    We will have an update about that really soon.
    No worries.

    Best regards,


    Hello, I don’t understand how exactly this plugin should load fonts from my server and block downloading fonts from the google server. Maybe it’s someone who can explain it step by step?

    On this Page I copied the CSS and paste it into the style.css of my ChildTheme. In functions.php in ChildTheme I have added a code

    add_action( 'init', 'enfold_customization_switch_fonts' );
    function enfold_customization_switch_fonts() {
        global $avia;
        $avia->style->print_extra_output = false;

    as on PrintScreen1.

    but fonts are still loaded from google servers as on PrintScreen2.

    What is the case with Google Maps and SocialShareButtons because I can see that the Enfold update has appeared but there are no changes.

    Best Regards.

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    Hi enfold team,
    are there news about Google Fonts considering DSGVO? Do I have to do something myself? Which enfold Update fulfills the DSGO concerning Google Fonts.





    We will have the update today or tomorrow.
    We are still making sure that everything is working properly for you!

    Best regards,


    Hello everyone,
    is that done now? Are the fonts now integrated into enfold and will not Google be accessed anymore?

    best regards,


    in ENFOLD 4.4 is a custom font manager, where you can upload your desired Google fonts, that you can download from
    then at the theme settings at “general styling” -> fonts you can choose those uploaded fonts, then the connection to Google server is disabled.

    See more info here:



    @tiefenschaerfe Please refer to @Gitte’s post above.

    @Gitte Thanks for your help :)

    Best regards,


    you mean that? Please look to the img.

    Where can I upload the fonts?

    best regards,


    Susanne… Enfold Child -> Import/Export -> Custom Font Manager

    Once the fonts are uploaded you can select them (they will be at the top of the list).


    essjb – thank you! That is a new feature that I have yet seen.


    Gerne :)



    Thanks :)

    Best regards,


    Hey Guys,

    first of all: I love you, you’re awesome!

    A few questions on this:

    a) How will i found out what “font-weight” was used if i just selected for example Open Sans or Open Sans Condensed from the Google-Font-List before?

    b) Do i need to Upload File by File to be able to select the corresponding “weight”?

    c) Google Maps will load Google Fonts anyway, is it? Is there a way to prevent this?

    Thanks again & Cheers! :)

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