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    I’m using One-Page and NextGEN legacy compatibility from version 1.9.13 (as you recommended) to allow for pagination of the gallery.

    Initially, upon review when I clicked on the next arrow or any subsequent page number 2, 3, 4, etc. it didn’t show the next set of images; it defaulted to a blog page. Under Enfold Theme Options, my blog field is empty, so I’m not sure where it’s pulling the template from.

    Then I determined when I deactivated the a “Coming Soon” plugin the pages viewed properly, however, I didn’t check multiple browsers and products. That ticket has been closed since I thought it was due to that plugin.

    I have determined that the pagination issue occurs in the Safari and Chrome browsers on both iPad and macs. On pc’s it has the issue in Safari and Firefox. On android phones it has the issue in Firefox and the gallery doesn’t view properly on the home page itself.

    I will reply with a private communication with admin user signin credentials and website url.

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    The username/password combination isn’t working. Can you re-check the credentials and make sure there are no capitalization differences or spelling.


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    I’m not sure what the issue may or may not be but I would agree with the gallery element not being compatible with the advanced layout editor.

    The pagination on that single test page however works fine for me at least.


    Do you have any suggestions on a work-around? If I code the page without the avia builder, I don’t see a way to utilize or incorporate the layer slider. Any direction would be welcome. ~ Thanks

    I tested the plugin (it has a diagnostic tool) against the theme. The result was compatible with one exception which is below:

    Missing the call to wp_head() in your theme, contact the theme author

    Again as a newbie I don’t know that this would or wouldn’t cause the issue, but can you assist?


    I saw that too but that is incorrect since it most definitely does have wp_head in the header. And no, you wouldn’t be able to use the LayerSlider on the same page.

    Unfortunately that specific layout just may not be doable. It isn’t ideal but I’ll also tag the topic for Peter to take a look at to see if he has any ideas.



    Personally I can’t reproduce the issue. I tested the gallery on the test page with Chrome and Firefox on a Win8 pc and the pagination and the lightbox worked just fine for me. The only button/link which did not work for me was the “View as slideshow” option. I recommend to deactivate it on the NextGen gallery option page (Gallery > Options > Gallery and deselect the “Integrate slideshow” option).



    The test page is the page that works, because it was created without the Avia builder. The test page was only recreated to troubleshoot whether it was the Avia builder causing the issue.

    Please test the Home page. I want the gallery in the Home page to work.



    I fixed it. You wrapped the shortcode into a strong/paragraph tag which broke the pagination javascript. I removed the html tags (they’re unnecessary anyway because they won’t affect the gallery output) and the gallery works now.

    Best regards,

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