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    Still need assistance with this… I see lots of activity and response on other posts, but no one has address my question…

    I am using the “One Page Portfolio”.

    I have a gallery that I want to paginate. It is currently a thumbnail lightbox with 4 columns, 20 rows; a total of 80 images.

    I would like to limit it to 4 columns, 3 rows; a total of 12 visible thumbnails with pages and the ability to view all images if selected.

    I attempted to use a WP plugin (Paginated Effects Gallery). It seemed simple – install, activate and place [peg] on the page that needs the gallery to be paginated. I placed the code in the Theme Options > Styling > Quick CSS section, but it didn’t work.

    Do you have a plugin that you would suggest using or can you advise on how to change the CSS code to accommodate the pagination of a gallery?


    Hey primarythoughts!

    As far as I know the NextGen Gallery pagination works with Enfold. You can try to download the latest version of the plugin here: and if it doesn’t work (which can happen because Nextgen 2.0 is still buggy) try to install this plugin instead: which is based on the 1.9.x branch and it should work just fine with Enfold.



    Thank you Dude!

    I had tried NextGen 2.0 and couldn’t make heads or tails of it. The Legacy version got me moving along.

    1. I’ve created a gallery with pages as I would like, but when I click on the next arrow or any subsequent page number 2, 3, 4, etc. it doesn’t show the next set of images it is defaulting to a blog page. Under Enfold Theme Options, my blog field is empty, so I’m not sure where it’s pulling the template from.

    Again, I’m using One Page and I’m not sure where/why it isn’t displaying the next page of images.

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    I think that it’s simply because I have a plugin for my “Coming Soon” page while I’m under development. When I deactivate that mode, I can see the other pages accurately.

    Thank you again for advising me on the legacy version ~ Mel

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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