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    Good evening,

    I am configuring a homepage with a fullwidth easy slider at the top of the page. I have four slides, all images, with a caption on the first slide. (Settings screenshot: (First slider image settings screenshot:

    When I preview the page, everything functions as expected. However, when I publish/update page I do not see the image(s) with captions on them. Viewing HTML, the list item(s) is completely missing altogether. There are only two images which appear, neither of which with a caption. Disabled all plugins and no luck.

    This issue was also reported here:

    However, I cannot resolve.


    Hey notrons,

    Could you post a link to the page in question so that we can take a closer look please?

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for the update.

    Do you have a test page where we can see the issue? The current account is not an admin, so we’re not be able to do anything.

    Best regards,


    @ismael, the credentials for this user have been updated to admin.



    I checked your site but I’m unable to view the page backend to troubleshoot. Please change user role to “Admin” so we can take a look at the backend.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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