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    Before I upgraded from Enfold 3.0.7 to 3.0.8 I had the footer copyright working the way I want it, with no link and with the year auto-updating, and with some custom text. I had changed the footer.php file from this:
    <span class=’copyright’><?php echo $copyright . $kriesi_at_backlink; ?></span>

    to this:
    <span class=’copyright’><?php echo $copyright; echo date(‘ Y’); echo (” Higgins Design | Graphic Design for Print and Screen | Seattle”) . $kriesi_at_backlink; ?></span>

    However, it no longer works, and I can only get either custom text plus auto text plus link, or nothing there at all. The [no link] shortcode does not work, even with the footer.php file changed back to the unchanged version.

    How do I get it back the way it was before? Why does the shortcode no longer work?


    Hey jh100!

    Please try following this post:

    Make sure to use a child theme so that your changes won’t be overwritten on the next update.

    Best regards,


    I followed the post as you suggested, but it didn’t make complete sense to me, as I don’t know php. However, I commented out line #1310 in the function-set-avia-frontend.php file and was able to get rid of the Kreisi link that way. I now have a link to my own site, which seems to be happening automatically, as I did not specify that anywhere. I don’t understand the rest of the instructions and was not able to insert any of my own text or include an auto updating year. Also, I don’t want to link to my own site (or anywhere else). If people are already on my site, they don’t need to link to it. How do I replace the “Copyright – Site Name” text and link with other unlinked text, as well as how do I add the auto updating year to the right of the copyright symbol?

    Thank you!



    Please remove the modification then go to Enfold > Footer panel. Add the “[nolink]” text plus the custom copyright text. Something like this:

    [nolink]© Copyright - <a href=''>Google</a>



    With the latest update everything works now. Thank you!



    Great, glad you got it fixed :)




    I notice that there is something strange going on with the footer copyright link. When I add the following in the custom Copyright text field:

    <span class="copyright-text">&copy; 2017</span><span class="copyright-separator">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><span>Site by <a href="">My Custom Link</span> [nolink]

    I get the following output:

    <footer class="container_wrap socket_color" id="socket" role="contentinfo" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="">
    	<div class="container">
    		<span class="copyright"> © 2017  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Site by <a href="">Custom Link</a></span>
    		<a href=""></a>
    		<ul class="noLightbox social_bookmarks icon_count_2" style="/* width: 100px; */">
    			<a href=""></a>
    			<li class="social_bookmarks_facebook av-social-link-facebook social_icon_1" style="width: auto;">
    				<a href=""></a>
    				<a target="_blank" href="" aria-hidden="true" data-av_icon="" data-av_iconfont="entypo-fontello" title="Facebook"><span class="avia_hidden_link_text">Facebook</span></a>
    			<li class="social_bookmarks_linkedin av-social-link-linkedin social_icon_2">
    				<a target="_blank" href="" aria-hidden="true" data-av_icon="" data-av_iconfont="entypo-fontello" title="Linkedin"><span class="avia_hidden_link_text">Linkedin</span></a>
    	<!-- ####### END SOCKET CONTAINER ####### -->

    It seems that the <a href=""></a> from the copyright text field is inserted 3 extra times in the wrong places not just in the Copyright area but also in the social media links <ul> .

    You can see this in action in the footer of the following sites running the Enfold theme:

    Any ideas please?

    Another issue is that the footer social media icons have a little problem. Out of the box, the Facebook icon doesn’t appear unless I add the following custom CSS:

    footer ul.noLightbox.social_bookmarks li {
        width: auto !important;

    Thank you very much.

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    Hi @prembo,

    Could you try moving the


    part to the beginning of your code please?

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    I have tried this… and it didn’t work…

    The Basket Strainers site has it before and the Infinity Industrial Supplies site has [nolink] after.

    Still the same outcome…

    Thank you.
    Kind regards,



    Can you instead of pasting the code there ( lets say of the link ) to try add it manually by typing it?
    Maybe with copy paste, it gets some characters / elements it shouldnt

    Best regards,


    @basilis – that seems to have done the trick!

    Thank you very much for that suggestion – typing it in manually seems to have fixed the issue. All clean and it seems to have resolved the Facebook icon issue as well.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Prembo,

    Great, glad you got it working! Let us know if you should have any further problem on the topic of if we can close it.

    Best regards,


    Thank you – issue seems to be resolved for me, so you can close it.



    Thanks for that, please open a new thread if you should have any further questions or problems.

    Best regards,

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