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    I do always use Enfold Theme for my clients and want to change the back link to my own. On the earlier versions it was easy to do in the footer.php file, but i do not understand how to change it to my own in the latest Enfold version.
    (I do not want to only remove it by adding [nolink] to my custom copyright field, i want to change it to my own, if that is allowed to do).

    Regards, Charlie


    Hi Charlie999!

    Please go to Enfold/framework/php folder and open function-set-avia-frontend.php file and search “backlink” and change it as needed


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    What did you try and how? If you navigate via FTP the search path is wp-content–>themes–>enfold–>framework–>php, there you will find the file called function-set-avia-frontend.php, choose to edit it and replace with your own link and {$theme_string} with the text you want your link to display, all on line 1310.



    Sorry to hijack this thread a bit but that last post just didn’t make sense to me… my fault nobody elses. Can you be absolutely specific as to what the text should look like on that line once I replace it?

    Can you show me ‘specifically’ what to remove and what it should look like one it’s done? If my site was called bobs& what would that line look like to remove the Kriesi text and link?

    It’s worth asking, wouldn’t it make sense to not create such aggravation for so many customers and just allow this link to be removed with a tab within the WP panel or don’t put it there as a default at all…. we’ll put the Kriesi link there if we want to, I mean, we paid for the theme, why make us advertise your site if we have other things we want in the copyright text.



    You better use a filter hook to change the output string.

    In functions.php of the parent theme or the child theme put the following:

    add_filter( 'kriesi_backlink', 'my_own_backlink', 10, 1);
    function my_own_backlink($link)
    	//	original on line 1310  of enfold\framework\php\function-set-avia-frontend.php
    	//	$link = " - <a {$no} href=''>{$theme_string}</a>";
    	//	change the output string with e.g.
    	$no = "rel='nofollow'";
    	$theme_string = 'Your text to display';
    	$link = " - <a {$no} href='http://www.your_domiain.xx'>{$theme_string}</a>";
    	return $link;

    Best regards,

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