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    Good Afternoon,
    I hope you can help with this issue as well as our other 2 outstanding issues on another thread (

    On the following pages our footer column 1 widget appears as we would like: homepage, technology, product, contact. White, bold and italic.

    However, on the About-Us page, the footer appears in blue and italic. But it should be white, bold and italic like the rest of them. Can you please take a look. More info in private content area.


    Hey nikosiatropoulos,

    Are you running any plugins specific to that page that could be throwing off the style?

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Thank you for your response. No, we are not running any plugins.

    All we have is the theme and the demo content. Everything is being updated under “Enfold Child.”

    I was sent some updates to make to that page, and after I made the updates, the page was appearing as normal again.

    What we are also still having a lot of trouble with are these two issues:

    When my boss visits the site, sometimes the header image doesn’t appear for him on the home page, so I created a new home page from scratch, since we’d been using the demo content homepage from which to build our original homepage. But as mentioned in that other ticket, even though we have WP Settings/Reading/Homepage set to “new home page” when you go to our URL or click on the logo anywhere in the site, it still takes you to the OLD homepage despite that!!
    Since we have WP Engine, I am able to purge the cache after making changes each time (as well as back up the site after that), so we are clearly experiencing some sort of glitchy issues related to the demo content, but I don’t know how to resolve it. Anytime I’ve ever experienced anything like this, all I have to do is purge the cache, but nothing is resolving this. I have been asking about it for a week, and still no answer. I keep linking back to that thread in hopes of getting help with this soon.

    Thank you kindly.



    Apologies for the delay. I looked back into the site and all the pages appear to have the following:

    “© Copyright 2020 – FastDetect Inc., All Rights Reserved.”

    Was the offending portion removed?

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Good Afternoon,

    The issue resolved itself when I updated the page. But it was a very strange glitch to have before that. And it wasn’t the copyright footer. It was the footer above that, with the disclaimer, that was showing differently on the About Us page than everywhere else.

    We still have received NO answer to our biggest issues on this other thread, however:

    Can you *please* help? We are taking the site live tonight!



    Okay, I’m glad this one was taken care of. We will look into the other thread.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon

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