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    in the Theme > General Styling > Fonts section, there’s the dropdown menu to select a font for both Headings & Body text. it’s a nice long list – but it takes forever to select one > save > refresh > view just to try & see what each looks like.

    is there a page somewhere that shows what they all look like?



    Hey SyberKnight,

    You can view them all here:

    Best regards,


    really?! :-(
    i know they are Google Fonts since they’re labeled as such in the dropdown.

    i don’t want to spend the extraordinary amount of time it would take to type in each one into the google fonts website search to see what they look like.

    i was wondering/hoping you had a page somewhere that showed them all at once, what they all looked like.


    Hi SyberKnight,

    We do not really have such a place.

    Here are our docs on typography

    Best regards,


    okay, so, in case this might be helpful to others, and since i wanted to see a preview of all the options myself, i went ahead & searched’n’selected on google fonts all that’s in the Enfold > General Styling > Fonts selection.
    there were 3 exceptions: Droid Sans, Droid Serif, & Terminal Dosis could not be found.
    other than those, this link will open the 89 others (along with the various weights chosen for them, according to the Enfold selection list (in code view).

    Google Fonts Selection Preview

    i am curious tho – how did you guys come up with this selection to include in the theme & why not include all their weights?

    lastly, IMHO if you’re gonna have a selection of fonts for us to choose from then it would be most helpful to provide a preview of what those fonts look like. -2¢


    SyberKnight – thats what i just wanted to post. but my list is a bit smaller – thanks for the update.
    postiing from 2016 .


    @Guenni007 – oh, cool thanks. i find these forums very difficult to find what i’m searching for. ✌🏼



    Thanks for helping out @guenni007. Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic @SyberKnight.

    Best regards,


    Hi at all,
    I have just done the work and created a PDF document with all fonts available in the Enfold font selection. I just listed all the screenshots, so it’s not very sharp but for a quick overwiew/selection it should be enough. You can find it here:
    I hope that this has been of some help to you.




    thank you for your time & effort. this is much appreciated!!!

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    Thanks @edendesign7! That list will be really helpful. :)

    Best regards,

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    thanks for the pdf – helpfull.

    Or use The Link to Google Fonts itself: Enfold Google Fonts

    And type in any pangram you like f.e.: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”


    Maybe that will be a nice link ( on Google Webkit Fonts ) to have in Enfold Options:

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    thanks for that link; FYI: i have the latest versions of WP, Enfold, PHP, etc running but on my General Styling page (as in your screenshot), the Google fonts link is missing. not a big deal, just FYI.


    Maybe that will be a nice link ( on Google Webkit Fonts ) to have in Enfold Options:

    It was meant as a suggestion for the developer fraction
    PS: a few entries in the register-admin-options.php and there they are ;)



    Nice idea @Guenni007. We will forward it to our channel. Thanks.

    Best regards,

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