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    Hi Team,

    I am adding Font Pre-Load to Enfold.

    Can you help me understand the Logic Enfold applies to Websafe and Google fonts?
    What font weights does Enfold use by default?
    Is there a list somewhere – Not all fonts used have variable font weights.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi thinkjarvis,

    The default font weight is 400.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Nikko,

    Is the logic below correct?

    Open Sans comes in several variations:

    Which does Enfold do?
    1 – Does Enfold therefore only load the Regular 400 version – And apply weight changes to the 400 version using CSS.
    2 – Or does it also pull through all other versions – And when the weight is changed in CSS it loads that version instead (bold, semi-bold, light, etc.)?


    Hi thinkjarvis,

    In the case of Open Sans it only fetches 400 and 600 weight.
    You can see the list in wp-content > themes > enfold > framework > php > font-management > class-avia-type-fonts.php (line 727).

    Best regards,


    Thanks Nikko,

    Exactly what I needed.

    For anyone else wondering the fonts on 14/04/2021 in the class-avia-type-fonts.php file are as below:


    		$fonts = array(
    						'Advent Pro'		=> 'Advent Pro:100,400,600',
    						'Alice'				=> 'Alice',
    						'Allerta'			=> 'Allerta',
    						'Arvo'				=> 'Arvo',
    						'Arimo'				=> 'Arimo:400,700',
    						'Antic'				=> 'Antic',
    						'Audiowide'			=> 'Audiowide',
    						'Bad Script'		=> 'Bad Script',
    						'Baumans'			=> 'Baumans',
    						'Bangers'			=> 'Bangers',
    						'Barlow'			=> 'Barlow:400,500,600,700',
    						'Bitter'			=> 'Bitter',
    						'Cabin'				=> 'Cabin',
    						'Cardo'				=> 'Cardo',
    						'Carme'				=> 'Carme',
    						'Caveat'			=> 'Caveat:400,700',
    						'Coda'				=> 'Coda',
    						'Codystar'			=> 'Codystar:300,400',
    						'Cormorant Garamond'	=> 'Cormorant Garamond:300,400,700',
    						'Comfortaa'			=> 'Comfortaa:300,400,700',
    						'Coustard'			=> 'Coustard',
    						'Gruppo'			=> 'Gruppo',
    						'Damion'			=> 'Damion',
    						'Dancing Script'	=> 'Dancing Script',
    						'Dosis'				=> 'Dosis:200,300,400,500,600,700,800',
    						'Droid Sans'		=> 'Droid Sans',
    						'Droid Serif'		=> 'Droid Serif',
    						'EB Garamond'		=> 'EB Garamond',
    						'Exo'				=> 'Exo:900,700,400,100',
    						'Finger Paint'		=> 'Finger Paint',
    						'Fira Sans'			=> 'Fira Sans:100,400,700',
    						'Fjord One'			=> 'Fjord One',
    						'Flamenco'			=> 'Flamenco:400,300',
    						'Great Vibes'		=> 'Great Vibes',
    						'Heebo'				=> 'Heebo:100,400,700',
    						'Herr Von Muellerhoff'	=> 'Herr Von Muellerhoff',
    						'IBM Plex Serif'	=> 'IBM Plex Serif:300,400,700',
    						'Inconsolata'		=> 'Inconsolata',
    						'Josefin Sans'		=> 'Josefin Sans',
    						'Josefin Slab'		=> 'Josefin Slab',
    						'Kameron'			=> 'Kameron',
    						'Karla'				=> 'Karla:400,700',
    						'Kreon'				=> 'Kreon',
    						'Lato'				=> 'Lato:300,400,700',
    						'Lobster'			=> 'Lobster',
    						'Lora'				=> 'Lora',
    						'League Script'		=> 'League Script',
    						'Mate SC'			=> 'Mate SC',
    						'Marck Script'		=> 'Marck Script',
    						'Mako'				=> 'Mako',
    						'Megrim'			=> 'Megrim',
    						'Merienda'			=> 'Merienda:400,700',
    						'Merriweather'		=> 'Merriweather:300,400,700',
    						'Metrophobic'		=> 'Metrophobic',
    						'Molengo'			=> 'Molengo',
    						'Montserrat'		=> 'Montserrat',
    						'Muli'				=> 'Muli',
    						'Nixie One'			=> 'Nixie One',
    						'Nobile'			=> 'Nobile',
    						'News Cycle'		=> 'News Cycle',
    						'Open Sans'			=> 'Open Sans:400,600',
    						'Open Sans Condensed'	=> 'Open Sans Condensed:300,700',
    						'Orbitron'			=> 'Orbitron',
    						'Oregano'			=> 'Oregano',
    						'Oswald'			=> 'Oswald',
    						'Pacifico'			=> 'Pacifico',
    						'Parisienne'		=> 'Parisienne',
    						'Petit Formal Script'	=> 'Petit Formal Script',
    						'Pinyon Script'		=> 'Pinyon Script',
    						'Playfair Display'	=> 'Playfair Display:400,700',
    						'Podkova'			=> 'Podkova',
    						'Poiret One'		=> 'Poiret One',
    						'Poly'				=> 'Poly',
    						'Press Start 2P (Retro Pixelfont)'	=> 'Press Start 2P',
    						'PT Sans'			=> 'PT Sans',
    						'Quattrocento'		=> 'Quattrocento',
    						'Questrial'			=> 'Questrial',
    						'Quicksand'			=> 'Quicksand:400,600',
    						'Raleway'			=> 'Raleway',
    						'Righteous'			=> 'Righteous',
    						'Roboto'			=> 'Roboto:100,400,700',
    						'Sacramento'		=> 'Sacramento',
    						'Salsa'				=> 'Salsa',
    						'Signika Negative'	=> 'Signika Negative',
    						'Source Serif Pro'	=> 'Source Serif Pro:400,600,700',
    						'Sunshiney'			=> 'Sunshiney',
    						'Special Elite'		=> 'Special Elite',
    						'Tangerine'			=> 'Tangerine',
    						'Tenor Sans'		=> 'Tenor Sans',
    						'Varela Round'		=> 'Varela Round',
    						'Work Sans'			=> 'Work Sans:700,400,100',
    						'Yellowtail'		=> 'Yellowtail',

    WEB SAFE FONTS – Do not require preload

    		$fonts = array(
    						'Arial'				=> 'Arial',
    						'Arial Black'		=> 'Arial-Black',
    						'Arial Narrow'		=> 'Arial-Narrow',
    						'Helvetica'			=> 'Helvetica',
    						'Helvetica Neue'	=> 'Helvetica-Neue,Helvetica',
    						'Lucida Sans'		=> 'Lucida-Sans,Lucida-Grande,Lucida-Sans-Unicode',
    						'Tahoma'			=> 'Tahoma',
    						'Trebuchet MS'		=> 'Trebuchet-MS',
    						'Verdana'			=> 'Verdana',
    						'Georgia'			=> 'Georgia',
    						'Lucida Bright'		=> 'Lucida-Bright',
    						'Palatino'			=> 'Palatino',
    						'Times New Roman'	=> 'Times-New-Roman',
    						'Courier New'		=> 'Courier-New',
    						'Lucida Sans Typewriter'	=> 'Lucida-Sans-Typewriter',
    						'Copperplate'		=> 'Copperplate',
    						'Papyrus'			=> 'Papyrus',
    						'Brush Script MT'	=> 'Brush-Script-MT'

    you can see here the Enfold Font List on Google
    type in everything you like – maybe a pangram to see all letters.
    on the end of the list you can see a preview – one click on those squares – you come to the site for the single font and on bottom – very nice – popular font pairings.


    Thanks @guenni007
    I’ll be rolling this out to all of the sites on my server very soon – Along with a version of your image quality and optimisation settings from one of the other posts on the forum.

    The only element I have yet to create a solution for (I am working on this at the moment) is all ALB colour elements with background images. When used above the fold – Scores fall massively. I have a solution using media queries to implement but it will be on a case by case basis which will take time to implement.

    I have several sites passing web vitals already but generally speaking I have to remove the ALB colour sections with background images from above the fold to achieve this.

    Last things on my list are:
    Adding media queries to alb background images to serve different sizes depending on screen size.
    Adding Webp
    Adding a a CDN with Railgun – This should solve the webp issue as well.
    Loading a local copy of Google analytics – But making sure it still works with Enfolds Cookie control/privacy popup

    Then we have Enfold passing web vitals no matter how the site is configured.

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