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    Our client wanted to use a font that wasn’t in the default list, so we uploaded the font throught ‘import/export’ in Enfold. Afterwards we chose the font in ‘General Styling>Fonts’. Everything is working great, however the font is not showing on Apple / Mac.

    Would you mind taking a look or pointing me in the right direction? It’s important that this gets fixed urgently.

    Thanks in advance for the help and a great weekend!

    Private data , if necessary, below ;) .


    Same issue, not sure if only on apple/Mac. Poiret one h1 and h2, sometimes seen, sometimes not.. can you help Kriesi?
    In Safari and Chrome


    Hi mynick,

    The reason it’s not working is because the uploaded font is missing some font format, you only have .ttf, try to add .otf, .woff, woff2, .eot and .svg as well.
    Try to convert it here:

    is that an uploaded font you’re using?

    Best regards,


    Thank you
    I’ll try. How can you verify if it’s working without an Apple device? :D


    Hi mynick,

    To be honest I don’t see any other way to do that except to ask someone who has one.
    Emulators won’t help much :(

    Best regards,


    Moderator, did you receive my reply today (private reaction)?
    I wrote a message but cannot retrieve..


    I found a solution (so far) Enfold Child ( but not completely happy yet:

    Layout builder > customize heading styling >show and allow to edit styling
    than purged all caches
    than page is not correct yet,
    after refreshing the page (several times) the correct fonts of H1 and H2 appear except on Mac Safari* (Poiret One google font as available in enfold Child)

    Why to refresh..?
    Why not everywhere working?

    Maybe becasue visitors must first accept cookies, however, at this moment the cookie bar does not show up in:
    Mac Safari

    Cookie bar is visible in:
    Mac Chrome
    Laptop Microsoft Edge

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    Hi JannyPolak,

    Can you try to update to Enfold version 4.6.3 (make sure to have a backup), there are improvements in the cookie bar.
    You can check for the changes here:

    Best regards,


    I already did (

    I started a new topic yesterday and hope it will be solved soon by your colleague @Yigit


    Hi JannyPolak,

    Thanks for creating a new thread.
    The issue you’re having will be continued on your other thread, since it more of cookie consent or caching issue.

    Best regards,

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