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    At some point when the theme updates, my custom fonts stopped working.

    All I see when I go to change the font is myriad () but when I select it it just changes to the default font, not the Myriad font that I want.

    I have tried to re-uploaded it but I can’t get the font to work.

    In addition, if I just want to change the font for certain text on a particular page, how do I do that rather than changing the default fonts for the whole site?



    Please see the private content.


    When I download your myriad-pro-cufonfonts.zip file I see the font is in an unsupported font format OTF, please see our documentation for Supported Font Formats.
    You should try to Download @font-face Kit and use the @font-face rules in the stylesheet, which means that you will need to add css for the elements you want to use the font on and not in the Custom Font Manager.
    I see these in your Custom Font Manager, are they all the same Myriad font?
    I recommend removing these.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike!

    Thank you for the reply – I have reuploaded the fonts in a supported style as suggested, and it looks like they’re working as intended!

    My issue now, however, is that when I set the default fonts to the uploaded fonts, they default to bold italics, how do I change that?

    Thanks so much!


    What Font do you realy need?
    Myriad Pro … light, regular, bold etc. ?

    I would keep my hands off cufonfonts.com. They also offer fonts that are clearly commercial fonts (such as Myriad Pro). The use is therefore illegal. You should therefore either rely on trustworthy sources, or look for a good free alternative to the desired premium font.
    If you own the Myriad Pro – be shure that it includes the webfont too! This is usually not the standard.

    The PTSans seems to be very similar. And you can download it at Google and host the font on your own server.


    I looked at your advanced styling for the H5 element and while you had left the font-weight set to “default” on the front end it was 600, or semi bold
    I’m not sure why, but setting font-weight set to “400” corrects:
    please clear your browser cache and check, and apply to other headings as needed.

    Best regards,

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