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    Hi All… I have a question regarding upgrading Enfold since I am a new customer and this will be my first upgrade.

    I have made some changes to the theme… I’ve uploaded new Fontello font icons and added them to my social profiles, and I’ve done some QuickCSS additions, and I’ve added some code to the single blog post to make the meta information at the top under the title.

    When I go to upgrade… I get a message saying:
    Attention: Any modifications made to the Theme Files will be lost when updating. If you did change any files (Custom CSS rules or PHP file modifications for example) make sure to create a theme backup. Your backend settings, posts and pages wont be affected by the update.

    So will I have to go back and reinsert all of those code changes? I know I can do a Theme Settings backup… but will that also save the Fontello fonts (code in Functions.php), the QuickCSS, and the code I put in for the blog posts?


    Hey patrickpriest81,

    If you have modified functions.php then that will be overwritten yes, you need to place it in a child theme instead. You can download an empty template here:

    Your CSS should be safe though but always have backups of your site before updates in case something should go wrong.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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