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    Please note: This post does not require an answer by your support. It would be great to be just read, forwarded and thought/discussed about.

    (It’s not a satisfying solution to modify parent theme PHP files)

    With the starting point “video element” in mind there is no satisfying solution to have configurable options for essential video controls when it comes to embed videos on your website (external and self-hosted). Modifying parent theme files always is a workaround as you have to do this again after every theme update. I’d consider this a very urgent theme update to have this controls individually set for each embedded video, as videos on websites is a big issue. Options for shortcodes and the Advanced Layout Builder.


    When starting a page layout with shortcodes in the classic editor I can switch to the Advanced Layout Builder at any time and the layout is visually set up. Switching back to the classic editor deletes the whole page. Can you make that switchable forth and back at any time?


    As parent theme files should not be modified at all, it would be great to rethink enfold’s CSS concept. In my opinion there are too many “style formats” predefined in the enfold/css folder. Especially the files base.css and layout.css should not contain any font-size, font-style, line-height or color formatting as this should be globally defined from the theme options or the child theme custom css. It will be lots of work to have my custom child theme the way it’s meant to be after a parent theme update. Lots of fiddling and code comparison I really want to avoid…

    In general there is no other option than editing this files, because there are so many styles defined, that it would unnecessarily blow up the code when doing overrides in the child theme css or using jQuery functions to add or remove attributes, styles, etc… it always comes to “page flickering” when loaded the first time.

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    • This topic was modified 10 months ago by  Scorp1.

    Hey Scorp1,

    Thank you for your input. Noted and forwarded.

    Best regards,

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