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    I am receiving the above error message. I have already checked and load all elements is on.

    I have already deactivated all plug ins and error is still there.

    As I result my woocommerce products aren’t displaying their pictures. (pic will display on mobile view main shop page but not for the product once you go direct to it.

    Thank You


    Hey tlkingsland,

    Can you please tell us step by step how to reproduce the issue?

    Best regards,


    If you simply open any of the products listed in woocommerce it jump right onto the screen



    Thanks for the update and clarification. First off, could you try updating the theme to the latest version ( to see if that helps please?

    Best regards,


    To my knowledge my theme was up to date but I just saw this new token key infomation.

    I’ve updated it and the error is still there. Now what are the next steps?


    Hi tlkingsland,

    There are some js errors in the console (screenshot in private content).
    Can you try to turn off caching and disable all plugins except for woocommerce? and try to check if the issue still persists.

    Best regards,


    Disabled all plugins and error is still there. I don’t know how to turn of caching.
    I appreciate the screen shot, but because I don’t understand code it doesn’t explain anything to me.



    What php version is your system. This can be an error with php using a function that is not supported.

    Best regards,


    I’m not sure because I don’t know what PHP is. I don’t know technical jargon. Where/how can I find the PHP?


    Hi tlkingsland,

    PHP is basically just a language used to build wordpress sites:
    You can find the php version in Tools > Site Health > Info (tab) > Server. The version you are using is 7.0.33.
    Anyway, I have seen a mixed content error which is fixed through a search and replace plugin (I have already removed the plugin).
    Then I have switched to a twentynineteen theme then back to Enfold and the product image is now showing fine including the magnification.

    Best regards,


    Back in November I receive an error message and the SAME message has now returned
    Failed to initialize plugin: avia_builder_button
    This message is preventing me from being able to make changes to my pages. The error comes up on pages. Please advise.
    Thank You


    Hi tlkingsland,

    I just checked your site I could not see the issue on my end.
    How can we reproduce the issue, I tried to do some little modifications (and remove it afterwards) and I could save the page properly.

    Best regards,

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