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    Enfold has been great for me since 2018 and I am using it on a number of sites. Recently, on one site, the edit Categories has stopped working. I can create a new category but I have a number of items in the one category I need to edit. I want to edit the category image only. I have also uploaded the new image with the old image file name and deleted the old image from the library. Now, the image just shows the missing icon in admin and nothing on the actual page.
    Quick Edit for Categories seems to work but it doesn’t edit much.
    Enfold 4.7.4 currently being used as a parent theme and I’m having trouble updating, possibly because I did not build this particular site.
    I’m also having trouble updating wordpress.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you,


    Hi Tom,

    Could you try updating the theme to the latest version (5.4) to see if that helps please?

    If you haven’t registered your theme license, then please refer to this:

    Best regards,


    Thanks Rikard for getting back. I was able to toggle between themes, edit the category, then switch back to my child theme and update. Thanks again!



    Thanks for the update. Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic, or if we can close it.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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