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    @wdrow81 from my current knowledge there is no reason. But WC 3 is new and there maybe other issues we do not know of yet. If those issue lead to problems that can’t be fixed like the image issue you maybe forced to switch back (as pain full this may be). Therefore I wrote the fix to be independent from the version of WooCommerce. Anyway even the stripped down version wont damage anything it would just skip enfold image handling in WooCommerce before 3.0 too.


    That’s what I figured but you are the defacto moderator of this string I wanted to make sure you didn’t see anything I was missing. I wish Kriesi had it together as well as you do!


    @mensmaximus Thank you for the solution! I have implemented your code for the Child Theme and it works well enough. My gallery images are no longer thumbnails – they’re larger images – but the errors are gone and it’s fine until kriesi gives an official update. Again, thank you!



    @ncbrorg My solutions activates/restores the native display of product images in WooCommerce and shows gallery thumbnails just fine. You might have some caching issues (clear browser cache, disable/clear cache plugins) or you have additional plugins causing the issue.


    I’m removing myself from this thread and need to post something in the comments :) I echo the sentiment that Enfold should come up with a fix. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Many of us were eager to run this last (2) updates to resolve the issue with the layer slider and got bit by this one.


    Hi, I have the same issue.
    Product images don’t show with the latest versions of Woo and Enfold.
    I have deactivated all plugins : still doesn’t work.
    I have switched to my parent theme : still doesn’t work.
    I have switched to other themes : Storefront and Flatsome : works.
    So it seems that Enfold requires a fix.


    @caudebert I know it is a long thread but it would have helped reading at least the last 2 pages: solution


    For those of you interested in the new zoom and lightbox feature I have prepared an enhanced version.


    unfortunatelly. just today i have the same issue. tested to overwrite the product img.php not working ??
    I also renamed the product-image.php in the Plugin/woocommerce folder

    I also took the SQL version of my backup… and I downgraded to woocommerce 2.7.0
    As described here:

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    Are Enfold working on a fix for this?


    I hope – but I just go to the ../config-woocommerce/config.php and killed the avia_woocommerce_gallery_thumbnail_description image description (who needs this?) on line 1356:

    {	add_filter('woocommerce_single_product_image_thumbnail_html','avia_woocommerce_gallery_thumbnail_description', 10, 4);
    	function avia_woocommerce_gallery_thumbnail_description($img, $attachment_id, $post_id, $image_class )

    And i installe Woothumbs. no i have a really cool gallery! My cleint like!

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    @hunter74 those modifications will be lost with next update. Use a child theme.



    glad it’s working fine for you @hunter74 and thanks for the note @mensmaximus.

    Let’s close this thread here, as it’s already taking very long. Feel free to open new tickets if necessary.

    Best regards,

Viewing 13 posts - 121 through 133 (of 133 total)
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