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    @rfd1988 please follow my instructions in this thread


    @mensmaximus, I saw it, thank you, but I believe Enfold Team will be faster than me… Unfortunately I have other problems to solve with new WooCommerce – my payment gateway went down. :(((


    @mensmaximus, thanks but no idea how to do that – can’t i just ask hosting company to revert back to how website was yesterday
    Hate these flippen updates – always some bug somewhere


    @rfd1988 I don’t know whether your provider offers such a service. Just ask him. But beware if you got orders after the update they will vanish with the restore.


    @mensmaximus Thanks – The temp fix worked fine
    However I left out the “template” in the child folder structure (had some emails templates etc.) that worked for me!
    my path is:
    I have other stuff in the “woocommerce” like archive-product.php for the plugin ‘Group-Pricing’ that also don’t work anymore after this update ;-(
    Thanks again and lets hope Enfold team is on the ball as always!



    Thank you mensmaximus I accept 5 simple steps are simple if you know what you are doing in that area – unfortunately I don’t, but thank you for your suggestions.


    .woocommerce-product-gallery {
    opacity: 1 !important;

    should be 100 not 1

    .woocommerce-product-gallery {
    opacity: 100 !important;

    this worked for me until a proper fix / update works


    @nickgreaves the opacity property in css accepts a value between 0 and 1:


    yes but weirdly opacity:100 works – not sure why but it does! Thanks.


    Hey, im no master wizard but if something works it works. I just know opacity from design point of view has value of 100. So i tried it.


    Please let us know the a solution once figured @enfoldteam, I can’t deal with this any longer! Thank you @mensmaximus!


    @georgecornelius and all other users who do NOT have a child theme yet just follow this steps:

    1. Download
    2. Login to wordpress and select Appearance -> Themes in the admin menu
    3. Click on ‘add new’ (top left of the theme page)
    4. Click on ‘upload theme’ (top left of the theme page)
    5. Click on the file select button and chosse the file from step 1
    6. Click on ‘Install now’
    7. Activate the Enfold Child Theme after the installation has finished
    8. Follow the instructions from
    9. Ignore the woocommerce message about outdated files. This is caused by the overload as the zip packed already contains the old product-image.php. The message confirms you have successfully finished overloading.

    Again: This is only for those who do NOT have a child theme already.


    @mrlreynolds, @nickgreaves 100 does the same than 1. 1 = 100%. In terms of opacity there cant be more than 1. I guess what happend is the 100 finally caused the css change to clear you browser cache. Anyway the opacity change just makes the image visible but with low resolution. Overloading simply restores the behavior in woocommerce 2.4.16. Shall everyone pick the solution that suites him best.



    thanks for your advice… But i DONT want to have a child-theme!

    So .. whats the solution (without reverting to the old wooc-Version)


    @SteffenKraemer usually there is no good argument against a child-theme as it will help solve many challenges and issues (like this one). But if you don’t want one you will have only the following options:

    1. Use the CSS hack from this thread
    2. Restore a backup from before the update and hope you got no new orders as those will vanish
    3. Revert back to WooCommerce 2.4.16 manually
    4. Wait for a WooCommerce or Enfold update


    @mensmaximus Like i said im a designer and just experimented. I’m sure there will be a better fix but for now people can buy off my site which is far more important. Ill wait for @enfold to make a solid update. Thanks for the information.


    woocommerce/temlates/single-product/product-image.php -> Line 37 style=”opacity: 0; transition: opacity .25s ease-in-out;”
    But that is not all. The resource for images is not correctly formed


    The images display fine with other themes e.g. twenty-seventeen. It is not a bug in woocommerce as one may think of a bug. However we may see an update from woocommerce that may change the image display again. But I am pretty sure we will see an update for Enfold very soon to address this issue.



    It’s my first post here :)
    For me it’s not an css issue but it’s on php file.
    If you do hard core the opacity it will display the thumbnail image and not the main product image. So it’s getting a different image.
    It’s better to wait for an Enfold update…

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    Yes, but the Enfold developers said “We have tested WooCommerce new version and we could not see any issue.”
    Know when will the update Enfold..


    I’m having the same problem !! I really don’t want to have to use a child theme. Hopefully Enfold Team will come up with a solution soon.


    Having the same issue across MULTIPLE client sites that I purchased the Enfold Theme for and their respective Woocommerce stores. Please provide an update!


    Same problem on ALL of my clients sites – PLEASE UPDATE THEME ASAP


    Only one site has been updated. Something told me that there will be problems. Other sites have not had time to update and well.
    Dear developers, a big request to issue an update as soon as possible.


    As I noted earlier, I’m having the same problem. If it helps, below are the software/versions I’m running;

    PHP: 5.6
    WooCommerce: 3.0.0
    Wordpress: 4.7.3
    Enfold: 4.0.5


    @georgcornelius reverting back to woocommerce 2.6.14 is much more hassle than the five simple steps I provided above

    Sorry, but simply not true. Just restore a backup and wait for Kriesi to fix this. Everything else is just a bad hack.


    I just had a conversation on slack with Mike Jolley (WooCommerce Developer at Automattic) and gave him access to a WordPress installation with WooCommerce 3.0 and Enfold. After a few minutes the issue has been located. Mike Jolley has already provided a patch for WooCommerce for an other issue which solves this one too. It will be included in the next update 3.0.1 of WooCoemmrce.


    .. or Woocommerce to fix it ;-)


    @0rca Restoring a backup will vanish any new orders, product changes/additions and/or customer registrations since the backup has been taken. Making people not aware of the risk to lose vital data is bad advice. Overloading templates on the other hand is not a bad hack. It is the recommended procedure to customize template. Whether to make things pretty or to circumvent a bug makes no difference.


    Great news that it’ll be fixed in WooCommerce 3.0.1! I guess the best thing for now is to work with the “child theme hack”:


    No css changes or other stuff needed!

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