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    Is it possible with ENFOLD to make MAIN MENU and SECONDARY MENU just like illy [dot] com without extensive CSS/PHP coding? Under ENFOLD > Header > Extra Elements [Header Secondary Menu] there is no option such as Secondary Menu below Main Menu. Are there any plans to include this setting? Could this be done via CSS? Thanks in advance.


    Hey onastvar,

    Here are our docs for you

    Please check possible layouts there.

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks, I could not find any info in the link you sent me. I’m trying to position 2 menus MAIN MENU (Logo Left > Menu Right) and SECONDARY MENU (below LOGO & MAIN MENU) just like image below. SECONDARY MENU will have mega menu option. Any ideas?


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    Sorry for the late reply. You can use the full width sub menu element, but that doesn’t have mega menu functionality unfortunately. So answering your question; it will likely not be possible without major customisation efforts. One option could be to add a menu to the top bar though, that might work out better for you.

    Best regards,

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