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    Please also check out this blog post – :)



    That is awesome!

    Would you say the new performance options remove the need for a separate caching plugin?
    edit: Never mind, I just read ‘and it offers optimization hints like which image optimization plugin or which caching plugin to use’ in your post.

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    Awesome update!
    But I also have a question regarding cache plug-ins and the new performance options.
    Do the new CSS and Javascript file merging and compression options interfere with those same options offered by caching plug-ins (minify, etc.)? Should you have either turned these options on in Enfold or the caching plug-in?



    Hi Mark,

    That is difficult to say in general. Like with most things concerning speeding up WordPress installations, I think you will have to do trial and error to see what works and what is needed on your particular site.

    Best regards,


    Is there anywhere to download older versions of Enfold?

    I updated yesterday and have had the white screen of death ever since. I need to get the site back up and running ASAP. I started a ticket, but have not received an update…



    Hi Dustin,

    Rikard has already replied on your post.
    Please reply on that thread.

    Best regards,


    removed this as a sticky thread since we got a permanent link in the sidebar now ;)


    As has been mentioned a few times in this thread now it’s great that you now have a change log but it would be even better if you kept it up to date.

    My site is showing an update to 4.3.2 is available but I’ve no idea what the update contains so am hesitant to update in case it breaks any of my custom code.

    Your changelog shows the lastest update as 4.3.1


    Hi rodpascoe,

    We have already reported it and the changelog is now updated:

    Enfold Changelog

    For updating your site, we suggest to update it on a stage site first and test before updating your live site, this way you can update your live site with lesser risk :)

    Best regards,

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    someone knows when the next changelog is availible?


    Hi volmering,

    It will be updated soon. It has been reported. Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,

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