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    Hi, will Enfold work with AMP formats soon?
    There are plans in Google to improve SERP in February…





    That’s interesting, please post it here so Kriesi can see it.

    Best regards, 


    Hi Josue

    AMP is already giving websites an edge – especially sites with posts (rather than pages).
    Enfold could really use this as a positive selling point as no other developers I can find have anything done anything about it yet.
    Can you please raise the urgency of this to Kriesi?
    The plugin by WP is good but the theme needs work to comply – I tried it and images are not contained and no menus appear – but I’m sure there are a host of other integration issues that need addressing.
    Just saying that this would be a massive leap forward for you if you got it done.



    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass the information on to Kriesi.

    Best regards,


    I’ll second this. I have tried the ‘AMP’ plugin along with ‘PageFrog’ and ‘Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP’. My homepage comes up but just with the list of posts and not the rest of the homepage content.

    Individual posts all work just fine.



    Thank you for your input!



    +1 from me too. AMP is going to seriously impact SERP for mobile devices in the future



    We have not tested the theme but our moderator @basilis says this plugin is compatible with Enfold – https://wordpress.org/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/

    Best regards,


    I have that plugin installed and have played around with it….but it really isn’t a viable solution when using with Enfold. So much of the page just looks terrible. You end up with a lot of elements in Enfold not showing, which places random shortcode tags as plain text. I don’t know if it is a matter of the theme or the AMP plugin, but you can’t edit the design under Appearance. Would be great if AMP support was built in.



    Please feel free to request – or vote if already requested – such feature on Enfold feature request form.

    Best regards,


    @yigit – what is in progress status tasks? This tab here is empty: https://kriesi.at/support/enfold-feature-requests/


    Guys, I am currently implementing this solution which should work well for you > https://yoast.com/setting-up-wordpress-for-amp-accelerated-mobile-pages/ it seems to work fine with the theme, I just need to tweak my settings to get some sort of branding in there but remember AMP pages are supposed to be a stripped down version. At current it doesn’t support pages, only posts but there will be an update coming where by pages are supported apparently. But to be fair AMP is aimed at blog posts anyway. Have a read and enjoy – I am also using this with Monster Insights so the tracking is pulled across all areas of my site.



    Glad to hear this :).

    If you still don’t find this inside the feature request list, then please feel free to open a new feature request for Kriesi.

    Best regards,


    Hi @andy I’m just asking why this ‘in progress’ tab is empty?

    AMP is on the voting list already…



    it means that these are items which Kriesi is currently working on. As he has just released a new Enfold version there is currently no item he’s working on right now. I think he will work on some new features for next year.

    Best regards,


    So far of all the AMP plugins I tested with Enfold https://wordpress.org/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/ is the one that gets the closest and can show Advertising, tracks GA and does not need anything more than the basic AMP plugin.

    Only one thing missing. Sliders on Posts do not display properly. Of course, you cannot expect them to show as sliders but they have just a couple of issues:
    Easy Slider shows the images one after the other (that’s great) but leaves a blank space right after it and it could make people think that the page ended up there. This is for mobile so…

    The Gallery also displays all of the images (also great) but repeats reads “PreviousNext
    1234” (or the number of images on the gallery) as if you could hyperlink to them but it doesn’t and the first image gets repeated. No space after it though…

    Cannot pick which one looks the least unprofessional… (I actually run a test on a site I don’t actively work/promote and here’s the link if you want to see what they look like)

    If anybody has been able to implement AMP with Advertising and Galleries/Sliders properly, please share! I need to implement AMP asap!! Already got a message from Google.

    Feel free to vote on which option looks most professional as well… Easy slider or Gallery.

    Pages looking like a list look great and this is AMP. There’s no need for fancy. There shouldn’t be any fancy.

    Thank you all!!!


    Sadly, I have yet to find one that works well enough with Enfold. It is going to take the effort on behalf of the devs to build compatibility in. Honestly, I would have thought that amp support would have been a better feature to build out that that preview pane that doesn’t work. If you’re fully using Enfold, there are a LOT of things that don’t show in AMP that you would want or need to.

    Hopefully this moves up the priority list with the devs given the emphasis Google is putting on it.


    I hope they do too, Kahil. I am trying to pick which one would bother visitor’s the least because I have to implement AMP no matter what.
    Here’s to hope!


    Kahil, meanwhile I also reached out to the developers of the AMP for WP plugin to see if they can help with some of the CSS. :)
    I’m sure Kriesi will tackle AMP soon. Enfold is the best theme I have ever worked with and I have all my clients switch to it.
    I’ll keep everybody posted!
    Best regards,



    I hope the devs from AMP can help you guys. Also remember to feel free to make a feature request for Kriesi here: https://kriesi.at/support/enfold-feature-requests/

    Best regards,


    AMP uses entirely different markups than old HTML as it avoids tons of JavaScript and usually limits CSS to only 50kb so minification is especially important with CSS. When done properly AMP even strips out things inside tags so having the backend theme optimized would be a lot more helpful. Many of the 3rd party plugins I have used for AMP really make the out of the box experience with Enfold not very good on AMP enabled mobile pages.

    AMP and overall site speed really are becoming huge ranking factors with Google so it is important to future proof as well as create a faster experience. Almost as equally important is switching your sites to https which Google recently called “imperative” for search rankings.

    Some things in the short term I have found to really speed up my sites are to move them away from GoDaddy to WP Engine instead which made a huge difference in both speed and uptime. Can’t underestimate how big of a difference. Another great option for amazing hosting is SiteGround, it and WPEngine are the best. Along with switching hosting, I did the regular maintenance of reducing the number of plugins I’m using and clean up the CSS to be lighter.

    In addition, I used the Imagify plugin to minimize/optimize all of the images which is the only plugin I have found that really works well, a thousand times better than WPSmush. All of my images were already optimized in photoshop but Imagify still on average has reduced the sizes by another 40% without bringing down the quality. For Caching I got WP Rocket which has been great and works well with WP Engines internal coaching as well I my hosting’s CDN. The CDN has made a bigger difference for me by evening out the experience in different cities and countries.

    My site https://www.bigboytravel.com is the most cluttered and busiest I have and while it still has a long way to go speed wise, the tips I mention above have really helped a lot so far in making it faster as I wait on AMP



    AMP uses entirely different markups than old HTML as it avoids tons of JavaScript and usually limits CSS to only 50kb so minification is especially important with CSS. When done properly AMP even strips

    Yes, that’s correct and that’s why it will take some time before we can implement AMP on the theme. The builder elements will require separate AMP specific css files and will be limited due to the javascript restrictions.

    Best regards,


    Hi there.

    Are there any plans to make Enfold compatible with AMP?


    Hi @sitesme,

    There is no plan on integrating or creating AMP specific markup for the builder elements or template yet, unfortunately. Sorry about that. But rest assured that you could still optimize your site and improve its loading performance even without AMP.

    // https://kriesi.at/archives/scoring-100-100-in-google-pagespeed-insights-gtmetrix-pagespeed-and-yslow

    And there are more things that you could do to improve site performance aside from the steps provided in that article. For that, you may need to contact an agency or hire a freelance developer to help you with the site optimization.

    Best regards,

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