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    Hi guys

    I tried updating Enfold 4.4.1 to v4.5 several times via the WordPress dashboard now, but it constantly fails.
    The error message says that no valid URL has been submitted, that’s it.

    I regenerated a new API token via envato so it showed me the update again but it still fails – any ideas?

    Thanks a lot and best regards


    Same here with two sites.


    Just saw my topic here duplicates this one created about 50min ago:


    Same here :-(


    Updating from 4.4.1 to 4.5 via (S)FTP manually works like a charm

    However, the steps to get there are quite a lot. Let me describe it step-by-step here:
    1) Make a full backup of your website using a backup plugin.
    2) Safe the backup somewhere outside from the webserver of your website (e.g. on your local computer or in any cloud storage you trust).
    3) Sign out from your WordPress website.
    4) Go to your themeforest account, sign in and download the updated Enfold v4.5 to your computer. Extract it and search for the file Extract this file as well to already have your folder ready to be uploaded.
    5) Sign in to FTP or SFTP using FileZilla or any other tool which is able to do that.
    6) Go to the folder ./wp-content/themes and search for “enfold”. If you want, you can download the enfold folder to your computer as well (just in case you want to restore if afterwards which is easier like that than using the whole backup).
    7) Delete the folder enfold via FTP. This may take 5-10min, depending on the server speed obviously.
    8) Wait until it is finished and the enfold folder is gone. If that is the case, upload the “new” enfold folder including v4.5 to your website in the same directory.
    9) Sign in to your WordPress website again and go to the Enfold tab (or the one from your child theme). Scroll down to the tab called Theme Update.
    10) Your current API token will not work anymore as Envato changed some stuff on their API. Therefore you need to remove your current key and generate a new private key as visible in your themeforest account under “Settings” -> “API keys”. Go to and follow the steps there. To me, was also very helpful (scroll down a bit there to find out about the permissions your private API key needs in order to check for future Enfold updates). Without these permissions it will not work.
    11) After revalidating your new private key within the Enfold update tab, you should see a blue rectangle saying when it could be checked for the last time.
    12) Done!

    I hope this helps anybody who has/had issues with updating Enfold to version 4.5.
    Feel free to ask me in case you need any assistance.


    Hi michaelH,

    Thank you very much for sharing the detailed instructions, much appreciated :-)

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard

    No worries, glad I could help ;)
    You may close this topic now please.




    Thanks again! :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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