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    @eddygame I wanted to confirm for you, when using the plugin Update Theme and Plugins from Zip File You can simply go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and upload file of Enfold 4.5 and the old theme will be deleted and the new one will be installed.
    This last part is important, because you don’t want to overwrite the theme folder, as this will leave old files behind and cause errors.

    I have done this at least 6 times now with no issues, this includes sites with child themes, I will note that the last message from the plugin asks if you want to activate the theme, but with a child theme you will not want to, just click the “go to dashboard” option.

    Naturally I would always recommend making a full backup with your webhost’s backup option whenever updating, and saving a copy of your theme settings file is also prudent, but with 30+ sites as you have, I also understand the effort involved, so this is up to you, I think I would if it was me.

    Please note that if you update via FTP, you will need to remove the old theme folder “enfold” first then upload the new “enfold” folder at /wp-content/themes/enfold/
    Please don’t try to overwrite the theme folder, as this will leave old files behind and cause errors.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,


    Updating from 4.4.1 to 4.5 via (S)FTP manually works like a charm

    However, the steps to get there are quite a lot. Let me describe it step-by-step here:
    1) Make a full backup of your website using a backup plugin.
    2) Safe the backup somewhere outside from the webserver of your website (e.g. on your local computer or in any cloud storage you trust).
    3) Sign out from your WordPress website.
    4) Go to your themeforest account, sign in and download the updated Enfold v4.5 to your computer. Extract it and search for the file Extract this file as well to already have your folder ready to be uploaded.
    5) Sign in to FTP or SFTP using FileZilla or any other tool which is able to do that.
    6) Go to the folder ./wp-content/themes and search for “enfold”. If you want, you can download the enfold folder to your computer as well (just in case you want to restore if afterwards which is easier like that than using the whole backup).
    7) Delete the folder enfold via FTP. This may take 5-10min, depending on the server speed obviously.
    8) Wait until it is finished and the enfold folder is gone. If that is the case, upload the “new” enfold folder including v4.5 to your website in the same directory.
    9) Sign in to your WordPress website again and go to the Enfold tab (or the one from your child theme). Scroll down to the tab called Theme Update.
    10) Your current API token will not work anymore as Envato changed some stuff on their API. Therefore you need to remove your current key and generate a new private key as visible in your themeforest account under “Settings” -> “API keys”. Go to and follow the steps there. To me, was also very helpful (scroll down a bit there to find out about the permissions your private API key needs in order to check for future Enfold updates). Without these permissions it will not work.
    11) After revalidating your new private key within the Enfold update tab, you should see a blue rectangle saying when it could be checked for the last time.
    12) Done!

    I hope this helps anybody who has/had issues with updating Enfold to version 4.5.
    Feel free to ask me in case you need any assistance.


    @michaelH thanks for sharing :)

    Best regards,


    hello i downloaded enfold 4.5 to update my version 4.4.1 to 4.5. I downloaded the version 4.5 from theme forest I have decompressed on my pc and I wanted to download from new theme zip but it m indicates an error “the link followed suvi is expire” Please reeassayer “


    I did the procedure as outlined by michaelH, but I can’t get the token to be accepted.
    Keep getting this error-message:

    Last time we checked the token we were not able to connected to Envato:

    Purchases could not be accessed
    Username could not be accessed (needed for your information only)
    E-Mail could not be accessed (needed for your information only)

    I made sure the permissions that were needed were checked before creating a new token. Made another token to be sure and still it didn’t work.

    Is the Envato API server down or am I doing something wrong?



    Please check our trouble shooting post

    Best regards,


    The following steps will solve the issue:

    1. Download the latest Enfold update from themeforest
    2. Open the admin part of your wordpress site and download the pluging called Update Theme and Plugins from Zip File
    >make sure you select the option within this plugin to generate an automated backup from your current theme
    3. Go to themes, upload the entire enfold zip-file and install the new theme (do not delete any old theme from the theme overview)
    > the plugin will update the theme without overwriting any other things; it justs updated the theme.
    4. Activate the theme


    Hi Michael,

    thanks for your solution on ftp update. Do i additionally have to install Envato Market WordPress Plugin as mentioned here at section troubleshoot:

    Best regards,


    Hi Daniel

    You are very welcome!
    I did not install it, but you can do it if you want. In my opinion there is no need to have this plugin.

    By the way activating it via the new Envato token only worked once for me (see step 11 above). I tried it for 4 different websites yesterday, set the permissions correctly, regenerated token etc but the wheel keeps spinning. I guess I will just update theme updates via FTP in the future as well. The API renew process is not very user friendly to me a still buggy.




    @michaelH Thanks for your help!
    I tried deleting token saving theme options and adding it once again on a few users installation and it worked. Could you please try that and see if that helps?

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit

    I just did the same as you mentioned. It worked great for 1 site.
    Tried the same on two other sites, it did not work for some reason which I do not understand.

    Is it possible that the API only accepts one new key per day or something like that?

    Thanks and best regards


    But is always possible to download Enfold from the Envato account and update by FTP or no..?


    Hi Yigit,

    I can’t validate my token.
    I enter the code and click on “check the private token” and the “save all changes” button continues to load indefinitely.
    I tried as you say (save and add again), I deleted and redo the procedure many times … the only answer that gives me is the usual error screen:

    Last time we checked the token we were not able to connected to Envato:

    Purchases could not be accessed
    Username could not be accessed (needed for your information only)
    E-Mail could not be accessed (needed for your information only)

    some other attempt?


    Hey Rafa

    Could you already successfully validate a token for a different site today?
    I did that and it worked for one page, but that’s it.

    I will just give it another try tomorrow and see what happens ;)



    It doesn’t work for me either. Enfold is updated to 4.5, just the private token doesn’t get accepted.
    I wonder if anyone tried to activate another theme (like ‘Twenty Fifteen’) and then select and activate Enfold again.

    I’m hesitating to try that. Don’t want to screw up my site.



    Not sure – have not tried that. I guess this will not help.
    You could either test it locally without any risk at all or make a backup of your live site and do it then.

    Good opportunity to test if your backup tool is working properly :)
    (which is actually quite important that you know if it works)


    Hi michael!
    unfortunately (or fortunately) I manage only one site: D

    anyway thanks a lot for your guide, it was very useful!

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by  RafaRojo.

    This is astounding.

    An update that requires this amount of workaround should be rolled back or fixed with 4.5.1. I don’t think it’s fair to push this back on Envato — the bottom line is they are the vendor you use to sell Enfold, and their change has broken the Enfold update process.

    I have read this whole thread and I’m unclear — is it OK to just update via FTP, or is there something that will still be broken with the Envato API key?



    Of course, I’m getting the same error. All the workarounds look like pain to me. I agree with goldengate415 above—this is just ridiculous. Can’t Enfold developers fix the update process?


    Thanks Mike – this is the easiest option. Works perfectly.



    Sorry for the misunderstanding Rob, but when Envato updated their API, we needed to adjust auto updater function.
    It currently works fine but since updated code is in Enfold 4.5, manual update would be necessary, either via FTP – or alternatively, you can install this plugin –, download the latest version of Enfold from ThemeForest and upload it in Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload and theme will be updated.

    Once again, auto updater in Enfold 4.4.1 is not working correctly due to these changes and since files were updated in Enfold 4.5, manual update would be necessary this time.

    If you guys would like us to update Enfold on your installations, please start a new thread and attach FTP and WP admin logins in private content field in your own thread and we will update the theme for you :)



    good morning,
    today I tried again to validate the token but still nothing, it doesn’t work …
    Envato updated their API, but validating the token is a buggy process by Enfold, isn’t it?



    @rafarojo Could you please start a new thread under Enfold sub forum and attach WP admin logins in private content field so we can look into it?
    If your personal token is not inserted in Enfold theme options, please attach it in private content field of your own thread as well :)



    Hi Rafa

    Did you try to remove the old token and generate a new one?
    I did that just before for two sites (with the same Envato account) and it worked perfectly.




    Our devs suspect that the reason why this issue occurs might be that Envato stores cookies with login data/connection data in the browser and therefore might block requests.Therefore trying in incognito mode ( ) should help :)

    Best regards,


    Yep, that worked for me!
    I logged in in private mode in Safari and now the same token got accepted. I just had to press the ‘revalidate’ button.



    I just did the same thing and no-go here. Still a communication problem between Enfold and Envato. All is good on the Envato plugin, shows my purchases.


    Yigit, thanks for the response. I have moved to updating via FTP most of the time anyway since the last major update, so it sounds like all I need to do is regular process (rename Enfold to Enfold old, upload new Enfold theme folder, delete Enfold old.) Then I need to go into the API and update? Or is that update only for auto theme updating?

    Sorry, jet lagged!



    ok, I did it too!
    entering chrome in incognito mode I logged into WP and accepted the token immediately.

    thank you all ;)


    So is Goldengate’s method for updating the right way via FTP? It’s as simple as deleting old enfold folder, and uploading the new one?

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