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    Just updated to Enfold 3.0 and now my LayerSlider is blank. Any ideas? It’s still working when I edit and preview it, just not on the home page.


    Seems a problem in the RTL version of the POSTS and PORTFOLIO grid layout.

    I have prepared two illustration that demonstrate the layout problem in ENFOLD 3.

    Post items grid layout: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yt2d24alhev1vwg/Posts-ENFOLD-V3.png?dl=0
    Portfolio items grid layout: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8cofn9as6ljwbv7/Portfolio-Enfold-V3.png?dl=0

    Here is the URL: http://goo.gl/BGOK6j

    Is it possible to solve it with simple code editing?


    HI – is there a way to download just the new variations in terms of demo files/templates?

    Last time I tried it overrode all my settings etc as just imported all dummy files

    Is there a way to get some of the new demo pages shown online? It sounds like you can as it says you can import the new variations.


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    i got it
    .title_container .breadcrumb { left: 50px; top: 60%;}
    #top .title_container .container { min-height: 100px; }

    in General Layout CSS


    how can i replace the kriesi link in the footer in the new version?

    THX, Oliver


    Thanks for the update! One question–the announcement page says there is “added: full support and styling for The Events Calendar and The Events Calendar Pro Plugin” however I can’t seem to find where to customize styling (I’m using the free version). Is there documentation on this? Thanks.

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    Why why why do I need to restore all translations after EVERY UPDATE?
    Just updated to 3.0.1, and AGAIN, all my Enfold theme translations are gone!!!!

    I thought you guys were smarter, and were able to prevent this kind of things…..



    I just installed the 3.0.1 update at http://mifos.org and now it says the theme is incomplete as the stylesheet is missing. I didn’t see the directions beforehand to clear cache before updating so not sure if that was the issue.

    Could you please give me guidance on what to do? Should i simply drop the stylesheet in or should i reinstall the whole update?




    I re-installed the whole update and all seems to be working fine now.

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    Hi Folks,
    what´s about the automatic update funktion in wordpress.
    I´ve connected the api key and wordpress is telling me, that I´,m running version 2.9.2 and there is a update to 3.0.1

    I can select the theme and press “update theme”.

    The new site appears with “Updating themes…”
    Now one error message is displayed: One automatic update could not be finished – Please start again

    I´ve tried several times to start the update but it does never finish.

    What can I do to get the update finished.

    kind regards.

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    Hey All!

    I’m going to close out this topic for now as a small update has already rolled out and the posts adding in here at this point really need their own topic so we can address them individually.

    So please make sure to create a topic for any issue you are running into so we can address it there :)


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