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    Hi folks. Is there any place where you are describing in detail the new features added by new versions of Enfold?

    The descriptions in the text log are not enough (in the last version I see “feature: Reading Progress Bar below header”, what does it mean? how to use it? but it is just an example of course).

    I see you were describing major releases in the blog ( no new posts after 5.0 of June 2022, and we are at release 5.6 already…



    Hi A,

    You can go to Enfold theme options > Header > Extra Elements to enable the Reading Progress Bar:

    I will discuss the possibility of adding update notes in future releases.

    Best regards,


    Dear Support, i agree with @mistermagoo869

    I had released the same query years ago: It’s not possible, you create a creative series to work with enfold? For styling inspirations?
    And yes, every feature and every update should explain in a video. With one bullet point of a list: I have in most cases no idea, what you mean with:

    • fixed: ALB video element preview/fallback image not showing
    • tweak: extend theme option -> Header -> Shrinking Amount to start from 1%
    • feature: Reading Progress Bar below header
    • feature: ALB section – set custom section height depending on screen width


    It’s o.k. for Devs or other people. But not for normal users. I have no idea, what is this. Otherwise, I must do a deep dive.
    It cost for every human massive hours. Example: The new progress bar, the new, the new shrink mode, to work with SVG sections and divider.
    Please show us, what is possible from design aspect. In most cases, I play around with no success and leave it as it is.
    This is sad for me.

    Please explain it, please make the customer journey better. And: video marketing is the ++ for your enfold marketing.
    PS: A written manual for design is — yes very uncool and not modern. See Canva, etc.: All create small videos series to explain features.

    PPS: Options needed to exclude it, example homepage.


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