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    Hi guys,
    I found an old thread filed at
    My case shares sympthoms, and one of the smallest tricks mentioned there worked fine.

    A WP website runs smoothly on DEV, but when transferred to PROD it lacks most of the styling, totally unlovely.

    Since this solution is available for any user level (as long as you can manage an FTP client) I opened this thread as an extension to the 2017 one.
    I was developing my professional website on server A, and ended up at server B as production environment.
    Both shared PHP v7.2 and overall settings, so after initial CSS fail I cleared this one.
    Next step was jumping here :) After reading the 2017 thread, I opted for beginning from the easiest solid suggestion.
    In my case the solution was renaming my Enfold_child.css by appending extra letters to the file extension, then (with the Child theme settings page already open and custom CSS already written in its field) just pressed “Save changes”.
    Immediately jumped on the FTP client, F5 and no surprise, a new CSS file was created from scratch
    Then just F5 on the public page tab and website just came to its actual look&feel.
    Hope this is useful to anyone.


    Hey Ricard,

    Thanks for sharing, I’m not sure if you need any help with your site though?

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard, no help needed this time, thaks.
    I just found the forum useful (once again :) and felt like giving back, this time a small thing for smart developers but hideous thing for basic dev profiles like mine.
    However, thank you for your proactive response!


    Hi Ricard,

    Great, I’m glad that the forum helped you and thanks a lot for helping back. It’s much appreciated :-)

    Best regards,

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