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    Hi, I ran recently into the following issue. Every change I make in the quick CSS field in the Enfold theme is not working in the frontend although I can save and see the changes I’ve done in this field. Older changes are working however properly. I guess this happend since I switched to the Enfold Child theme (had the same problem wih it) and than back because the quick CSS didn`t work with the child theme. Has this to do with the write or execute permisssion of certain files in the theme? If yes, could you please telle me which files are involved? Lately I changed also the php version to 7.0 if this could be helpful for solving the issue.

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    Hey smilefactory,

    Please send us a temporary admin login and login URL so that we can have a closer look. You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply. Also please give an example of CSS which is not working.

    Best regards,


    Tkx for the quick reply. I attached the admin login in the private section



    There were some CSS errors in your Quick CSS. I fixed them. Can you please review your website now .



    Hi, thank you for your help but still doesn’t work.
    All the changes I make in the Quick CSS or Custom Styling area are not working.
    I cheked the wp-content/uploads/dynamic_avia/enfold.css file where the Quick CSS is suposed to be written into and saw only the older rules I changed several months ago.



    Please check the wp-content > uploads > dynamic_avia folder and make sure that the folder permission is set to 777. Inside that folder, the enfold.css file should have a file permission of 0604. If the file permissions are correct and it’s still not working, please rename the enfold.css file then go back to the theme options, toggle any settings and then save it to regenerate another dynamic stylesheet.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael, I set the permission for the dynamic_avia folder to 0777 (was 0755) and for enfold.css to 0644 (I guess you didn’t really mean 0604 ?) but it is still not working.
    What do you mean with rename the enfold.css? Should I give the file another name first and than change the name back to enfold.css?
    Looking forward for your reply.
    Kind regards



    You can rename enfold.css to other names such as enfold_backup.css or something, so Enfold can regenerate another enfold.css based on what is on Quick CSS.

    Best regards,


    Bingo! This was the solution even though I still don’t why Enfold couldn’t overwrite the enfold.css file. Everything works fine now. Thank you guys for your help!

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