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    I’d like to copy a whole “box” with a “1/3 Element, including separator, Image, text block…”
    From a box in one page to approximately 25 other pages.
    Couldn’t find a way to do that.
    Thanks a lot


    Hey Axel,

    Thank you for using Enfold

    The builder’s template feature would be useful in this case. Please refer to the documentation for more info.


    Best regards,


    Hey Ismael – awesome many thanks !!!!
    It works like a breeze. Maybe at the next release, consider to inject the template copy on the top. On long pages – in particular first time users have to scroll all the way down. No priority, just a “nice to have”

    You guys rock :)


    Yes, this template tool is really useful; but what if you decide to change something about the content afterwards?
    I really hate to advertise paid plugins, but this little tool has saved me a lot of extra work:
    You will have on dashbord like Portfolio an extra tab. You create your layout and this “repeatable” Content has now a unique ID.
    If you want to place it there will be an extra ALB Button to drag&drop the content. If you change that on dashboard all instances of it will change too !


    @guenni007 thanks for the suggestion. If it would be on the Enfold Addon list I’d consider it. But unfortunately I have seen too many paid plugins die after a few years and then you have to start all over. BUt it looks like a very good idea to add by Kriesi



    @guenni007: Thanks for the info. I forgot about the “Page Content” element. It’s almost the same as that plugin.

    @axelschultze: You can also use the “Page Content” element if you want to insert the content of a specific page to another page and have it display there just like any builder element. Quite useful if you don’t want to bother editing each page individually.

    Best regards,


    Using the “Page Content” element is fine if you want the exact same content. But what can you do If you just want to use the exact same layout but with different content? Ex: I want to use the demo “services” page for multiple pages of services but have the same layout however, each will obviously have different content.

    As a follow-up to the “Page Content” element: As an example if I want a call-to-action element on every page to be just alike I can create a CTA “page” and then call it as an element to every page I want it on. But then all I have to do to change it on every page it appears on is to simply change the original page correct?



    1.) You’ll have to use the builder’s template option for that, but then again, you have to manually edit each page if you need to change something.

    2.) Yes, that’s correct.

    Best regards,


    Then the question is can an entire page be a template? and if so, how? and if not, then I don’t like this builder. WP Bakery has this option and I love it.



    Yes, you can save the elements of a specific page as a template and then reuse that template on other pages. However, you can’t edit that particular page to change what is already inside the existing template if that’s what you’re asking. You can use the Page Content element for that.

    Yes, visual builder is a good plugin.

    Best regards,


    So I guess the answer to my question is “no”. You cannot save an entire page as a template. You can only save individual elements as templates. Which makes this builder very labor intensive and other builder options more valuable. Got it.

    It would be great if I could get a straight answer to a straight question. Waiting two days for a “non-answer” is a bit cumbersome for someone who “paid” for support.



    I don’t know how can I get more straight forward than that. Anyway, we would like to apologize for the late response. We are a bit swamped with inquiries lately, so the replies were a bit delayed. Just to confirm, you can save an entire page as template, not just individual elements.

    Best regards,


    I’ll tell you how, just tell answer my question: “…can an entire PAGE be a template?” I think that would be a yes or no answer. I didn’t ask about individual elements.


    Hi JeffreySummers,

    Thanks for the great feedback. Let us know if you have any further questions for us.

    Best regards,


    I’m glad I found this thread, but I’m slightly confused as to what I should use for what I’m doing. I have a button that links to the contact page. I want to use it as the CTA at the bottom of specific pages and posts. But if I want to change the way the button looks, or the text on it, or even what it links to, I’d have to change that on every single button I have out there.

    Other than the plug recommended by Guenni007, is there a way to make this happen in Enfold? I can’t find the “Page Content” element that Ismael suggested. Unless I’m thinking of the wrong thing when he says “Page Conent”. I probably am! LOL



    @traypup: Hello there! The Page Content element is available in the Advance Layout Builder under the Content Elements tab. This element allows you to display the whole content of another page or post.

    Please don’t hesitate to open a new thread if you need more help. We’ll close this thread now.

    Best regards,

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