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    I am getting an error message in a red box when I try to send an email from the contact form. Apparently the server my client is using needs smtp not php send mail? He installed WP-Mail-SMTP plugin and the test email sends successfully from there but not from the form. Can you help? is there something that needs to be changed in the contactform php file?



    the best solution is to use Contact form plugins like: Contact Form 7 or cformsII in this case. However James suggested to rename the mail function in send.php. Have a look at this thread:


    I tried multiple from plugins without luck. cformsII gave me a message:

    “It seems that your ROOT directory for WordPress is /wordpress. cforms tried to auto-adjust its settings accordingly, however if you still encounter issues with Ajax (form submission & CAPTCHA reset) please open the file js/cforms.js in your cforms plugin folder and check the sajax_uri variable. (After changing the file, please emtpy your browser cache!)”

    The website is, but the pages are coming from this be the problem? My client is an IT specialist so I don’t know how he has configured the server.


    I must admit I don’t use cformsII myself but contact form 7. Maybe ask your client why the Avisio contact form doesn’t work (search for errors in log files). All contact forms use the php send function and it’s very likely a config problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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