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    I want to try and use a child theme and keep the core intact so I can easily upgarde however I am failry new to this. Do I need to create a css child for all the different css .files or just one ? as I see there is a layout.css, base.css, style1.css etc I f so can you help and explain what I neeed to do ?




    Hi @peter,

    Here is what I have done.

    1. Made a new folder called “child” – or whatever you want it to be

    2. Made a new .css file in the “child” folder and placed this inside”

    @charset "utf-8";

    Theme Name: childtheme
    Theme URI:
    Description: childtheme
    Author: childtheme
    Author URI:
    Version: 2.0
    Template: coherence
    Tags: galleries,dual skin,three columns,shortcodes,buddypress,

    @import url("../coherence/style.css");

    REMEMBER: to change the theme details as necessary! The most important though is:

    – Template: coherence – It tells the child theme what the parent theme is called.

    – @import url(“../coherence/style.css”); – imports the parent them style.css etc

    4. When you add .css rules to the child theme style.css file, sometimes you may need to place an !important after the rule, to force it to override the parent style, but generally it will oreide the parent style.css

    5. If you need to customise any of the other theme files, i.e header.php, simply copy the file to the child theme (and the file structure where needed), and edit it in the child theme folder.

    Hope this helps. I know the Devs/Mods arent very helpful on this forum.



    Thanks reganfrank for helping us out :)




    Many Tanks for this ….just one query do i need to create seperate .css file in the child folder for each of the other style files i.e layout.css, Style1.css (as I am using thsi skin) or will one ccss child file be OK?



    Style.css is enough because it will overwrite all other files/rules.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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