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    I was absolutely able to replicate the WordPress dashboard character encoding / display issue that you and Zach discussed yesterday. I understand that the theme developer indicated that this may have been related to a server-side configuration issue, but the theme’s code itself appears to be (at least partially) responsible from what I could determine.

    Specifically, I was able to check the element in the WordPress admin dashboard that was displaying encoding issues (i.e., the ‘förfrågan’ text on the festlokaler page) and tracked the source of that text to the following file and line number:

    $ grep -irn "av_icon_caption" wp-content/themes/enfold*
    wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/icon.php:198: $inner .= "<h4  class='av_icon_caption' data-update_with='caption'>".html_entity_decode($caption)."</h4>";

    The html_entity_decode() function call in particular appears to be responsible. I noticed a few other files in the theme would call this function with additional arguments. So as a quick test, I updated the icon.php file to use the following code: html_entity_decode($caption, ENT_QUOTES, $charset). That appears to correct the issue by specifically setting the charset of this PHP function to use the encoding value specified by WordPress. While this type of development work is outside of our scope of support, I left my test change in place as it does appear to resolve the issue. However if you prefer, I can certainly roll back this change and revert back to the original theme file. Otherwise, you may wish to run the above information by the theme’s developer to confirm if the line I identified is indeed related to the character encoding issues being seen.

    If following this change, you continue to notice any character display issues, or any other associated matters, please just let me know and I will be glad to look into things further!

    Please see the closed thred here:

    Hope you can sine some light on this?



    Hi Mattias!

    You forgot a link to the site.


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    Hmm, not sure what it could be. UTF8 is the default but what is the $charset value you used on that line?

    We went ahead and flagged this for Kriesi.


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    Hi all!

    Are happy to report that this bug is no more :-) dont know if it got solved with a theme update or a host update.
    Still thnx for all the help!

    You can close this ticket now *me happy*


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