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    So, I wanted the thumbnails to be a different ratio on the blog page so I changed it here:

    What I didn’t realize is that it changed it for the testimonials as well – in this area instead of using the thumbnail size I was hoping to use the square 300×300 image size in there:

    What should I add in my functions to swap out which image size gets called for that?


    Hey Andrea,

    Use the following in quick css:

    .avia-testimonial-image { width: 300px; height: 300px; }

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Hey Jordan,

    Well, to help clarify, I changed the thumbnail size to be 150×100 instead of 80×80 and regenerated all of the image sizes but I didn’t realize the testimonial widget was also pulling that image. You can see further down the page starting with “Anonymous Grandville Center, March 2019” the cropping issue (I updated the image for the first few so the client wouldn’t notice). I need that image to be square instead. How do I go about changing that?


    The only idea i can think of at themoment is to take the source of the “Testimonial Wdiget” as a basis and out of that build your own Avia Builder Element with a different image size version.




    You should be able to change the default image size used in the magazine element with the “avf_magazine_settings” filter.

    /* magazine thumbnails  */
    add_filter('avf_magazine_settings', 'avia_magazine_thumbnail', 10, 2);
    function avia_magazine_thumbnail($atts, $magazine){
        $atts['image_size']['small'] = 'medium'; 
        $atts['image_size']['big'] = 'masonry';
    return $atts;

    Default thumbnail sizes or values in the image size array are “thumbnail” and “magazine” respectively.

    Best regards,

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