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    After reading this post, I am using WP Backgrounds Lite and I am trying to add a background with no luck. It is basically a fix for my layer slider issue.

    The webpage in progress with the text on the left behaving responsively is here. I would like to have a full-width background behind it.

    The version with the background in the right place is here. The text doesn’t line up with the body / header on resizing however. This was created using a slider – but I have been pulling my hair out over this one for a few days now.

    I would ultimately like the text from the first link together with the background from the second link.

    My last resort is to do this. If I do have to do this, could you please tell me how I can remove any padding between the image and the header, so it fits up nice and snugly to the header?

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    This will do it:

    main.template-page.content.twelve.alpha.units {
        padding-top: 0 !important;



    Thanks – that’s better! :)

    I suppose I’m being a bit too optimistic to go for putting a full-width div in a z-index below the main transparent boxed layout?!? I have realised that a background image won’t work as it won’t scroll up with the page! Incidentally, what is the default ID for a background image – looking for it in firebug for ages:/

    Thanks again for your fix btw!



    I don’t think it will receive an ID, look for the avia-el-x class.

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    Thanks for your help :)


    You are welcome :)

    Best regards,

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