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    Good morning,
    is it possible to have a full screen background image in Enfold to achieve a design like this:

    Or would you use the ‘Flashlight’ theme for this?



    Hey frankwelschlehmann!

    Yes, personally I’d recommend to use a background image plugin like: or (note – I’m the plugin author). However some advanced customization may be required if you want change the current theme styling to a semi transparent styling with semi transparent content containers, etc. too.



    Sounds good to me.

    What is the correct value for the id/class for the content-container in the settings to get wp-backgrunds-lite working with enfold?

    And would you really recommend using enfold for this over the flashlight theme?




    Nearly all Kriesi themes (including Enfold with the “boxed layout”) work with following settings

    Z-index value of background layer: 2
    ID or class of the content container/wrapper: #wrap_all
    Z-index value of content layer: 5
    Position of the content container/wrapper: relative

    Tbh it depends on the project. Personally I’d recommend Enfold because it’s very flexible and you can use it for every project (photography, blog, portfolio, ecommerce, etc.) but on the other hand Flashlight is the perfect theme for photographers and if the client is happy with the default layout/features you can use it without modifying the theme files and you don’t need to use a third party plugin for the bg slider.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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