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    Hello Enfold Gurus!

    On the website that I’m making, I am in the process of setting up the Blog part of the site.

    I have setup a Blog page in which I have been trying to change the sidebar to a custom sidebar that I made to display certain links. No matter what I do, the blog page only shows a listing of all the pages in the site, then the categories and then archive. I’m not interested in that information being displayed.

    The other thing that is happening is that the ‘Share links’ at the bottom of each blog post page are not showing. I previously setup the options in the ‘Blog Layout’ in the Enfold Child Theme Options section. So not sure why this is happening.

    I am using the Avia Layout Builder and the current Enfold theme update (as Child Theme).

    Can you please help with this?

    Thank you!

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    Hi All,
    I have the same problem with the blog sidebar. I have 3.1.5 of Enfold.



    I posted a support item with a similar issue (without a response from the Enfold team yet).
    I also lost the company name, address and copyright in the Footer after updating from Enfold 3.1.3 to 3.1.5.

    Has anyone figured either of these out?



    Hi Everyone,

    I am running Enfold 3.1.5 with Child Theme, as well.

    I am wondering if the issues with the Blog page sidebar have to do with utilizing the ‘Avia Layout Builder’ …?
    Hoping to hear something soon from the intrepid and very hardworking Enfold Gurus :-)

    In addition to these issues, I am seeing another issue on iPad in both landscape and portrait view that I will post separately.



    Link to the support item did not show above so here it is:

    What other problems are you seeing on the Enfold 3.1.5 update (Sidebar, Footer, etc.)?


    With the help of user kihlbaum, I was able to fix teh problem.

    1. I needed to fix the Widgets. The AVH Extended Categories Plugin Widget had to be recreated due to an update of the Plugin after the WordPress 4.2 update. I believe the Enfold 3.1.5 update wiped out the Sidebar settings inside Enfold on the Pages and Blog Posts, so I recreated the Extended Categories and reset the Sidebar settings.

    2. The company name, address, and copyright that disappeared from the Footer were sent to the Inactive Widgets (inside Appearance) at the bottom of the Widget Pages. I had to move the Text Widget back into the Footer box.

    Chnine and others, I hope that helps!


    Hey Chnine!

    Did you double check the settings for sidebar in your individual posts in the righthand menu when editing? If that doesn’t work, please send us a temporary admin login and we’ll have a closer look. You can post the details as a private reply.

    Also, we would appreciate if everyone could stick to their own threads since they very easily get cluttered and difficult for the moderators to follow.


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    I tried to making changes while editing your blog page, without success. I tried “sidebar left, sidebar right” and also tried a different sidebar for example “Rehab Sidebar”, but on your frontend there are no changes at all. So it seems to me that your server is using any kind of caching. Please contact your host about that.

    Best regards,


    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for your reply here. I see that you encountered the same situation as I had described.

    Will you please describe in more detail what you mean by my webhost’s server using caching and how that affects things.

    ***Please also note that there is one issue on the individual posts: the ‘Share links’ at the bottom of each blog post page are not showing. I previously setup the options in the ‘Blog Layout’ in the Enfold Child Theme Options section. So not sure why this is happening.*** Will you please see what is going on here too?

    Thank you!


    Hello again,

    Please, I still really need your help with this unresolved issue.

    Per Andy’s instruction (above) — I have spoken with our web host, SiteGround to see if the server is using any caching. There is NO caching enabled. And I do NOT have any caching plugins installed.

    SO, I went and trashed this page and made a completely new one, triple-checking that i have the Sidebar correctly selected — “Education/Outreach”, etc. saved….

    But I am STILL having this very same problem — no matter what Sidebar I select and save — the sidebar for the Blog page continues to display: ‘Pages’, ‘Categories’, ‘Archive’

    Will you please help me with this? This has been going on for a week now and I am needing to get this resolved. This site is going to be live this week.

    (Working with latest Enfold theme update (on a Child theme) and latest WP update 4.2.2.)

    Thank you so much.

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    Hello again —

    The last reply (from Andy) I received to my request for help here was on May 6 (four days ago). I answered back that my webhost, SiteGround had no server caching going on (which was what Andy thought might be the issue) and heard nothing since.

    I did figure out a solution on my own which I will post here in case that it may help someone else.
    Both Enfold Support and I had been unable to change the sidebar on the Blog post page — but today something I read in one of the Enfold Support Forum posts made me check out the Widgets panel again in the dashboard. Up top there is a button called “Manage in Customizer” so I clicked that and THERE, I was able to bring up the Blog post page (still containing the incorrect sidebar). In the left “Customize” column, it allowed me to select “Sidebar Blog” and there I was able to plug in the desired sidebar and save it. Happily for me, it worked! It didn’t occur to me to use this as there is SO much functionality build into the Enfold Theme itself with the Enfold Theme Options and the Avia Advanced layout builder.

    This was a long time to wait for a support reply and I’m hoping it is not the norm.



    Hi Christina!

    Sorry for the late reply, most of the moderators don’t work much during the weekends and we’ve had a lot of requests as well lately. Also, please keep in mind that if you reply to your own thread it will send it to the back of our queue meaning you will have to wait longer for a reply, so please try to not reply more than once unless you really have to.

    I’m glad you got your problem fixed and I’m sorry about not being able to give you assistance sooner. Please let us know if you should have any more questions.



    Hi Rikard,

    I really appreciate your reply here :-) and I do realize that you guys work hard to help the Enfold theme users.

    Thank you also for clarifying how the forum posting queue works. Unfortunately, I needed to update my post, and so that’s probably what happened.

    I do have one more question which I’ll post separately.

    All the best,


    Hi Christina!

    Thanks for understanding and hopefully we’ll be able to give you better assistance in your next thread :)

    Best regards,


    Good Day,

    when i publish a sidebar and assign a empty one with it, it shows all my pages via words in it.
    It only appears on published blog-pages but not on normal sites.

    how can i remove those?

    Kind regards


    If I understand correctly, there is a demo setting that shows a sidebar when an empty one is used, please try adding an empty text widget to the sidebar to correct.

    Best regards,

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