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    Can you please help? After updating to Enfold 3.1.5 these problems are obvious:
    1. My Sidebar throughout the website is cluttered with many duplicates versus only having only the categories and extended categories as seen in this old photo here:

    2. The company name, address, and copyright disappeared from the Footer.


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    Mine did the same… Thankfully I used BackupBuddy to rollback.


    I deactivated all the Plugins and tried again, but had the same problem.
    The Sidebar for individual Blog posts is blank and no longer has the categories and extended categories it used to have, as seen in the Old Photo link above.

    Thank you.


    In the Widgets page the widgets may have been moved to Inactive. If that is the problem you just need to drag and drop them back into their respective widgets area.

    As for the duplicates problem, I experience that too.

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    1. Thank you! It worked. I needed to fix the Widgets. The AVH Extended Categories Plugin Widget had to be recreated due to an update of the Plugin after the WordPress 4.2 update. I believe the Enfold 3.1.5 update wiped out the Sidebar settings inside Enfold on the Pages and Blog Posts, so I recreated the Extended Categories and reset the Sidebar settings.

    2. The company name, address, and copyright that disappeared from the Footer were sent to the Inactive Widgets (inside Appearance) at the bottom of the Widget Pages. I had to move the Text Widget back into the Footer box.

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    Glad you got it fixed :)


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