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    Hello, can anyone advise me on how to back up my database and restore it for the many installations of Enfold on my website? Is there a tutorial video?

    Where are the database that I need to make copies of, and how can I restore them after I’ve updated my theme?

    I have customized my colors, fonts, images and other style settings and am not update do this manually, but several features are not working, so I need to update my Enfold theme throughout my site. I chose Enfold in part for its WPML compatibility. Manually updating my theme and its settings would be very difficult for users like me who have 16 installs of Enfold on their websites.

    PS – I was discussing this on another thread, but it was closed before I had time to respond. You can see the original thread here: < (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -child-theme/#post-169687 >. Thanks!


    Hello MHM!

    You could use a plugin like this one.

    I have personally used it, it does what you want.

    Best regards,


    Thank you! My host offers backup for my entire site, as well. But I was wondering about a simpler way, i.e. how to back up and restore the database(s) related to the Enfold customizations rather than restoring my entire site.

    ETA: Which databases do I need to restore, and where are they located? Are there also files I need to restore, so that my favicon, etc. will be restored?

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    Theme settings are stored in the wp_options table located in your database installation, that would be the start point. However, it’s not 100% sure it will work, you will also need to edit some fields, proceed with caution.



    Thank you for resolving my question, Josue. I updated Enfold, and my settings remained intact.


    Excellent, glad we could help :)


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