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    Hi there! I created a child theme, and the CMS recognizes it as a child of Enfold:

    Child theme of Enfold theme

    This child theme requires its parent theme, Enfold.

    When I tried the advice from (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -setting/”>this thread, I found that the “import parent theme settings” option was unavailable. I saw the “Import Dummy Data” option but no “Import Parent Settings” option, even when I click the dummy button.

    I’ve reactivated my Enfold theme for now so that I have my content and settings back. My Enfold is version 2.2. Thanks for your advice!


    Hey MHM!

    It should be there by now. Please download Enfold 2.3 then update the theme again. Remove browser cache then reload the page. Go to Enfold > Theme Options. Below, the Import dummy data, you’ll see a blue button which says “Import Parent Theme Settings”.



    Thanks, Ismael, I had thought it would have been in the last one since the post I linked predated it, but I will try this.

    Quick question — Is there a way to update Enfold automatically without overwriting all my settings? I created a child theme, but I’ve already used my Enfold settings to create a lot of custom design settings. I know that auto-updates were a problem in the past, but I wasn’t sure if the overwriting issue had been addressed. My main section of the site (default language) is 2.2, but I just realized that other areas of the site have earlier versions of Enfold installed.

    I have Enfold installed in multiple parts of my site (13 language / translation sections + separate installs for the blog section of the site, the news section of the site and the press releases section of the site). That is 16 instances of Enfold where I have to manually update each file and folder that needs to be done, and updates are rather frequent. Any advice on updating would be very much appreciated. Thank you!



    First, create a backup of your files and database before doing the following. The automatic theme update should not overwrite any theme child settings but I saw a post earlier where he lost the settings on update. I’m not sure if it is the theme’s fault or he might have done something wrong. Go to Enfold > Theme Update > Enter your username and API Key. It will check for update every 12 hours and notify you. You can then manually click update if one is available.



    I’m not concerned about losing the child theme; it is in a different directory. I am concerned about losing the theme settings. But I could try it after backing up. Thanks!



    Yes, I’m saying that there is a case where he lose all the theme settings after updating. That is why you need to create a backup of your database. :)


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