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    I am truly hoping that you can adapt the theme and allow us to keep using your avia layout builder instead of Gutenberg.

    Another site I run is using Corpus Theme which has WP Bakery Layout builder included and there will be a checkbox allowing me to turn off gutenberg and continue using wp bakery which is by far better as is your avia builder.

    I am asking because it took a long time for the people who write the blog on PuRR Project to learn how your builder works and to change that to gutenberg will be incredibly difficult for them and may affect the capacity for this non profit to continue writing content to raise funds.



    Hey GriffinGraffix,

    We have no intention of integrating the Enfold Layout Builder with Gutenberg in the near future, so unless something unexpected happens the Enfold Builder will work the same even after Gutenberg is released as a part of WordPress core.

    Best regards,


    @rikard, that is not true. Enfold Builder does NOT work in Gutenberg/WP 5.0 Beta 1. Your builder is just gone. and going into pages/posts, it looks to be there below the Gutenberg editor, but nothing can be edited in it either. Is Enfold dead?


    Hi Illingco,

    WordPress 5 is not released yet, if you want to run beta versions then that is up to you. We have no official support for WordPress 5 as of yet.

    Best regards,


    I understand there is no official support yet, but is it planned that there will be, or will all of us running Enfold need to go elsewhere? What are the dev teams intentions on this as the Betas turn to an official WP 5.0 release?


    This is what Kriesi had to say back in January this year on this thread: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/wordpress-gutenberg/#post-900941 (found it today)


    Gutenberg will probably not work well with our current page builder so what we are going to do is: let people choose, what they want to use with an option in the backend (although the theme default for the foreseeable future will probably be to use tinymce and our page builder)

    If at any time in the future Gutenberg is advanced enough that we can port all our elements and the whole drag and drop system into it that will probably happen, but given the slow speed of development of this new editor I am not sure when.

    So what might happen during the transition period is that you have to choose between Gutenberg or our Layout editor when creating Pages and Posts, but in general its safe to say that we will do our best to keep enfold compatible with anything WordPress throws at us and that your website will be safe.

    Best regards,


    Thank you for that Griffin. My concern is that, at least running Beta 2 on a staging copy of our site, there is zero option to choose the Avia Layout Builder, as this post indicated there would be. Gutenberg is it. The ALB content is below a Gutenberg block, but cannot be edited, as ALB is not compatible, as noted in your last post. Perhaps using the Classic Editor plugin will bring ALB back? Is that your plan Kriesi? Or will an update to Enfold bring about this choice that was spoken of? Thanks…


    @ Illingco: I tried the beta as well, it was a pretty mess in the back end. I am also hoping this will be resolved before the release of Gutenberg rolls out.
    I have been using Kriesi’s themes for over 10 years (my first site was with Velvet in 2007 I believe) and I have used Enfold with clients as well. I have, to this day, never seen him fail us with any of his themes. I have faith but I am also a bit worried. I think it’s totally stupid of WP to push such a retarded builder by force on millions of people. To me, it’s the equivalent of a phone company forcing you to use the old landline instead of your smart phone… retarded is putting it mildly… (end of rant)



    It seems that Gutenberg release will be delayed a lot – so do not worry.
    In the meantime ofcourse our development team is working around the clock, to have as much updates as possible.

    Best regards,


    Hello Basilis, and thank you for your reply. But I believe you may be mistaken. They are still on track for a 19 Nov release, and Enfold I’m sure will not function correctly, unless perhaps we use the Classic Editor plugin. Can you confirm that plugin will hold us over for the time being?


    Thank you Basilis and Illingco,

    Either way, for me, the classic editor will not be an option. As mentioned in my original post, my client creates the blog posts and they are far from knowing how any of this works and barely manage with the enfold builder. Switching them to classic will mean they won’t be able to post anymore and that will equate to a loss of funds for this non-profit cat shelter. They have a 3k monthly newsletter mailing list for fundraising so you can imagine the financial impact that loosing that would have. There’s over 200 cats in this No-Kill shelter that depend on these funds.

    For me, the only option is making sure that the enfold builder will work as it is now when Gutenberg rolls out.



    My assumption is that installing the Classic Editor plugin would allow ALB/Enfold to work as it does now, since I also assume it is built upon TinyMCE? Kriesi, can you confirm or deny? Just what exactly are our options here? Thanks…


    Surprised Kriesi has not tested this before I did, but it appears a temporary solution is to install Classic Editor plugin to restore ALB/Enfold functionality, as I suspected and hoped it might. To be fair though, I have only briefly tested this. But it does appear to work in WP5.0 Beta 3. Not sure if you are still working on further/better compatibility, or if your plan is exactly this, to use Classic Editor plugin?



    We ar eworking hard on fixes and solutions. WordPress 5.0 has been postponed so we are still investigating and testing what will be the best for us.

    Best regards,


    Hi all,
    I installed WP 5.0 before having an idea that it would not be compatible with AVIA builder. My solution to solve this issue was a plugin “Dissable Gutenberg” (before rolling back to a previous backup). To be found here: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/disable-gutenberg/


    Hi beenee,

    Although it is nice to know there’s a plugin that will work if need be, I would really prefer NOT to install yet another plugin. As you may or may not know, the more plugins you have, the more risk you run for:
    a) security breach / hacking
    b) incompatibility

    So, still waiting on a permanent fix from Kriesi. Speaking of which, I did install the last version of the theme published also on the 6th of december I believe but nowhere did it say it had integrated with Gutenberg so I didn’t update WP yet. Awaiting news….



    Yes, you are right, and I treat that “Dissable Gutenberg” plugin as a workaround, awaiting an Enfold update with the solution to select which site builder to use.


    To disablle Gutemberg without plugin, just add this line in your child theme funtion.php
    add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', '__return_false');


    Interesting coolpaie and thanks!.. but does that completely disable Gutenberg? Or just for posts? Because the ALB works with everything including pages as well


    looking forward to a solution by team kriesi ! :)



    Our developers are working on an option in the backend to enable/disable gutenberg, so it will be easier for Enfold users without having to code :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Nikko,
    thanks so much for the update!


    Sounds great Nikko,




    Thanks for the feedback, the update should hopefully be available within the next few days.

    Best regards,


    That’s wonderful Rikard, thank you

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