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    As a multiple licensed user of Enfold for many of my clients sites, how concerned should I/we be with this WordPress update ? I have been reading some very disturbing reports on Themes and plug-ins not working with it !!.


    Hey Mark,

    If you’re at all concerned about compatibility, I would recommend creating a staging environment and testing all updates locally first.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Hey Jordan,
    I think the question was more like what’s the roadmap for Enfold development concerning the integration of Gutenberg into the theme. Will Enfold get rid of Tiny MCE or will it not? Lots of people running lots of sites on page builder themes like Enfold are pretty insecure what that transition will look like. Will Enfold add Gutenblocks or not? How will the avia builder change? Is my website safe? What should I tell my clients who are already asking now? Etc. A litte information from the responsible team would be nice. Gutenberg is coming …




    Gutenberg will probably not work well with our current page builder so what we are going to do is: let people choose, what they want to use with an option in the backend (although the theme default for the foreseeable future will probably be to use tinymce and our page builder)

    If at any time in the future Gutenberg is advanced enough that we can port all our elements and the whole drag and drop system into it that will probably happen, but given the slow speed of development of this new editor I am not sure when.

    So what might happen during the transition period is that you have to choose between Gutenberg or our Layout editor when creating Pages and Posts, but in general its safe to say that we will do our best to keep enfold compatible with anything WordPress throws at us and that your website will be safe.

    Best regards,


    Hey Kriesi,

    thank you for clarifying things and laying out your thoughts. Clients just keep asking about Gutenberg and the way it affects Enfold. Keep up the good work.



    Hey Kriesi,

    Can just pitch in on the approach your describe above.

    I’m neither impressed nor encouraged by Gutenberg so I’m glad to hear you intend to provide a route that lets us use Avia framework (absolutely the best visual page builder out there) as is – but please, for the love of all that’s holy, make this a universal Admin option and not a choice that is presented to users.

    Best, M


    Hi M,

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

    Best regards,

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