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    I’m updating my theme for the first time in a while. I didn’t do it beforehand because I built the site without a child theme, and then I had to firgure out how to activate my child theme without losing all my customisations. But I did that successfully and now want to update my theme. BUT, it isn’t working. Here’s the issue:

    On the back end of my site (site: it says the following: “If you want to get update notifications for your themes and if you want to be able to update your theme from your WordPress backend you need to enter your Themeforest account name as well as your Themeforest Secret API Key below.” So it’s asking for the Themeforest account name (or user name) and for a Secret API Key. I got my client to generate an API and added it in, plus the user name, but it didn’t work.
    This Enfold version is 4.4.1.

    Then I checked out another site that I built more recently, where I installed the child theme from the beginning and implemented the theme update process successfully, and on this back-end, the wording for what is required for a hteme update is different: “If you want to get update notifications for your theme and if you want to be able to update your theme from your WordPress backend you need to enter your Envato Private Token below.” So here it’s asking just for an Envato Private Token. Like I said, this one worked when I did it.
    This Enfold version is 4.8.1.

    So, how do I get the theme updates on Enfold version 4.4.1 to work?
    And why is it asking me for different stuff to the 4.8.1. version?

    If anyone could help I would be very appreciative! I need to make changes to the first site, but don’t want to do so until the Theme has been updated to the latest version.



    One thing that I thought might be the problem:
    I saw from the image attached on how to find the API Key that they want the default API key. Could that be the problem, that I asked my client to generate a new API key when he actually needed to send me his default API key?
    I’ve asked my client to send me his default API key, but in the meantime I’m trying to sort this out as soon as possible, so I also wanted to post here in case this isn’t the correct solution.

    Just to note, my client wants the changes to the site to be done within one week, so I have a lot of time pressure, and if I could get a quick solution I would be very grateful!

    Thank you!


    I just read this post ( which referenced this fix ( Updating via the dashboard and via theme options doesn’t work, so I want to try the manual update via FTP.

    My question: The video in the Enfold documentation files doesn’t mention anything about a child theme. Is it safe to do a manual update via FTP or will I overwrite my customisations and changes and have to re-do everything?


    Hi Chris,

    If you do a theme update, only tweaks/modification made on the enfold theme files are overwritten but everything else like Theme Options is preserved.

    Please follow the steps below to update from Enfold 4.4.1 to 4.8.1:

    Make a backup:
    – Site Backup:
    – Theme Settings Backup:

    Option 1: Use Envato Market to update your site
    – link:

    Option 2: Update manually
    1. Login to ThemeForest and download the Enfold theme, right-click over the downloaded zip file and extract/unzip it.
    2. It should generate a new folder, open it and look for the enfold folder
    3. Right-click the enfold folder then zip it, here’s a tutorial on how to create a zip file in windows: (this should create
    4. Log in to WordPress as and Admin.
    5. Install and activate a maintenance plugin and put your site in Maintenance mode.
    6. Go to Appearance > Themes, switch to a default WordPress theme like TwentyTwenty then delete Enfold.
    7. Click on the ADD NEW button.
    8. Click on the UPLOAD THEME button.
    9. Click BROWSE and choose file
    10. Click the INSTALL NOW button and switch to Enfold or your child theme.
    11. Remove the maintenance mode then deactivate and remove the maintenance plugin.

    Register the theme by following the instructions in
    Once this is done, the next time you update, you’ll only need to go to Enfold > Theme Updates and click on the Update button.

    Best regards,


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your patience!

    I tried to update the theme on your dev site however maximum upload file size is 2 MB so I could not.

    I checked your parent theme and it seems like you have added the code I attached in private content field into the bottom of functions.php file of your parent theme. I deleted it from your parent theme and added it to functions.php file of your child theme. If you have not made any other changes on parent theme files, you can go ahead and update the theme.

    If you would like us to update the theme for you, please post FTP logins privately as well or contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase maximum upload file size to at least 32M :)



    Hi Yigit,

    Thank you so much for changing that code! I don’t think there are any other changes, but I will check to make sure.

    I will try get the FTP details to you as soon as possible (today hopefully). Another person in the team has them and I need them to send those details through.

    I’ll be in touch as soon as possible,



    Hi Chris,

    You are welcome!

    We will keep the thread open and wait to hear from you :)

    Best regards,


    Here is the info.


    Thank you for your patience and ftp access, I have a question about your site, it looks like it is a stagging site is there also a live site or is this the pre-live site? I see that you want to update v4.4.1 to v4.8.1 this must be done via a manual ftp update because the Envato API will no longer work since 2019, Envato now uses the Token, as pointed out above. My point is if this is a pre-stagging site that is fine and I can assist with the manual ftp update, but I would hold off on connecting the Envato Token until it is a live site. The Token is only used for updating, so you should be fine building and testing your site until it’s live.
    So if this all sounds good to you, I will just need your Enfold v4.8.1 theme zip file that you download from Theme Forest, you can upload it somewhere on your server so I can use it, or link to it via DropBox.

    I also would like to edit your child theme stylesheet because it contains the parent theme header and the child theme header and I don’t feel good about that… ok?

    Theme Name: Enfold Child
    Description: A <a href=''>Child Theme</a> for the Enfold WordPress Theme. If you plan to do a lot of file modifications we recommend to use this Theme instead of the original Theme. Updating wil be much easier then.
    Version: 1.0
    Author: Kriesi
    Author URI:
    Template: enfold
    /*Add your own styles here:::*/
    Theme Name: Enfold
    Description: <strong>A superflexible and responsive Business Theme by Kriesi</strong> - <br/> Update notifications available on twitter, facebook and via newsletter:<br/> <a href=''>Follow me on twitter</a><br/> - <a href=''>Join the Facebook Group</a> - <a href=''>Subscribe to our Newsletter</a>
    Version: 4.4.1
    Author: Kriesi
    Author URI:
    License: Themeforest Split Licence
    License URI: -
    Theme URI:

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your reply. I’ve attached a link to the zip file on Google Drive (below).
    Thank you for doing this update via FTP!
    Please let me know once it’s been updated.


    Thank you for the theme zip file, I have uploaded for you and edited your child theme stylesheet as I said above.
    Please check your site, I didn’t find any errors. Via FTP you will note that your old theme version is in the directory “enfold-old” if you are happy with the update then you can delete this directory via FTP, do not delete it from within the WordPress theme panel.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,
    The update worked and I am happy, thank you!
    I am still having an issue with the sticky header’s transparency, but I will continue that topic on this other thread that I started (
    You can close this thread now, thank you.


    Glad we were able to help, we will close this now. Thank you for using Enfold.

    For your information, you can take a look at Enfold documentation here
    For any other questions or issues, feel free to start new threads in the Enfold forum and we will gladly try to help you :)

    Best regards,

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