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    dear Kriesi-Team!

    I have some issues with anchors but didn´t find the correct solution yet.

    I use anchors as individual links in a submenu of the main navigation so that the visitor of the site can scroll through the page or he can jump (from anywhere) to the correct position of the site.

    Well it works only when I am allready on the subsite wich uses the anchor. Then it scrolls automatically to the correct position using the anchor BUT when the visitor was on the main page and uses the main navigation to jump to the anchor the position is not correct.

    I tried to use the anchor-URL without the last Slash for the individual link in the main navigation (www.website.com/subsite#anchor) > then the issue is the other way arround, meaning it will work via the main navigation but WONT WORK when the visitor is allready on the subsite with the anchor (then it scrolls not far enough).

    Really strange, especially when it works fine with all the other anchors on the website only one is causing the issue.

    So if you wanna test it:
    this is the faulty anchor: https://www.schmiedeamravelsbach.at/impressionen/#inspirationen
    …test it by first surfing to: https://www.schmiedeamravelsbach.at and then click on IMPRESSIONEN and in the submenu on INSPIRATIONEN > scrolls not far enough
    when you then go to BILDERGALERIE (scrolls up) and then again on INSPIRATIONEN > scrolls down to correct position of the anchor

    Help is appreciated :-)

    funfact: it occurs when using firefox or safari but not when using edge….????

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    Thank you for the inquiry.

    The issue only happens on initial load when the resources such as scripts, stylesheets and images are not yet fully loaded. The animation of the items in the masonry element might be also contributing to the issue because it causes the document or the page to shift a bit. Disabling the animation of the items in the masonry element might help. Try to add this code in the Quick CSS field.

    .av-masonry-entry {
    	visibility: visible;
    	opacity: 1;
    	transition: none;

    Please make sure to toggle or temporarily disable the Enfold > Performance > File Compression settings afterwards.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,
    Thank you for the answer. Your code seems to make it a little bit better (it shifts everything about 100px in to the right direction).

    Maybe it would also be an idea to add some code that loads the anchor-URL twice when clicking on the menu-item in quick succession? I don´t know if there is a code for this but theoretically it would work. or am I wrong?

    Any other idea that might help?

    thanks in advance,


    — or maybe some code for a delay on initial load so that the resources such as scripts, stylesheets and images can fully load in this time.
    I can´t figure out how to fix this.




    Thank you for the update.

    Have you done any performance optimization to the site yet? Optimizing the resource (css, js) delivery and improving the speed of the page load should help with the issue. You can start by compressing the images and by installing a cache plugin as described in the following articles.

    // https://kriesi.at/archives/scoring-100-100-in-google-pagespeed-insights-gtmetrix-pagespeed-and-yslow
    // https://gtmetrix.com/wordpress-optimization-guide.html

    And adding this filter in the functions.php file should help adjust the scroll position.

    function avf_header_setting_filter_mod($header) {
    	$header['header_scroll_offset'] = $header['header_scroll_offset'] - 100;
    	return $header;
    add_filter('avf_header_setting_filter', 'avf_header_setting_filter_mod', 9999, 1);

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael
    I appollogize for the very late reply and thank you for the links and the code. I will give it a try.
    I did the gtmetrix test on this webpage and now i see that there is definetly need for action.

    I will follow up with a short report when I get the time for fixing it.

    best regards,



    No problem. Let us know once you are done optimizing the site and if the issue persists.

    Best regards,

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