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    Hey there,

    On my site, I have Enfold 2.1 installed on a WP 3.6 installation. I’m using a customized child theme of Enfold.

    I moved the page.php file from the /enfold/ theme folder into my child theme folder and renamed it, adding the commented PHP code at the beginning to turn it into a Template that can be used for individual pages via the WP editor Page Attributes dropdown.

    The problem is that every time I use this new Page Template, the page is broken.

    Here is what the page should look like:

    Here is what it looks like when broken:

    Somehow, the page background div has covered up the main content area – as it appears somewhere along the line, one or more divs were closed prematurely. The HTML code reveals that the broken pages are all properly generating the content, but it’s covered up by that missplaced background image.

    I started to run some tests, thinking that I had messed something up in my page Template’s code. Turn’s out, whenever I remove the included page loop template, the problem disappeared. Though, so did all the content, obviously.

    I tested many other ways, including trying to recreate the entire page from scratch in the Advanced Layout Builder, and that’s when I noticed the fun part that I need your help with.

    This is the new page I created from scratch:

    Content shows up fine so far, though I’m just using a 1/2 column & text box shortcode. So I added a few others. All of them worked fine. Until I got to the Color Box layout shortcode. Every time I added one of these shortcodes to the layout, the page would break in the exact same way as above.

    It seems like something in the Color Box code doesn’t translate well on pages using a custom page Template, and I can’t figure out why.

    You still have an admin account (kriesi.dude) to log into this site (you’ll need to, as it’s a private membership site) from my last ticket ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -pages). Let me know if you need me to send you the credentials again.



    Can you please give me the link or the page title of the page which doesn’t work?

    Best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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