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    Hey Snerp,

    Thanks for that, though I’m not sure which code you are trying to add, and your functions.php file is empty? Did you try following this? https://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/header/#adding-a-header-widget-area

    Best regards,

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    Here is what I’m referring to. Just scroll down to “Mike’s” reply

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    I have looked over the documentation https://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/example-of-widget-left-logo-center-widget-right-menu-below/#toggle-id-2 and it’s not very clear how to align widgets with the logo. I also noticed the CSS code snippets are for “Menu Above” and not “Menu Below”….not sure if it makes a difference, but regardless that should be corrected. I had a few people look at the documentation and they also found it unclear and confusing. As a suggestion, it may be cool if your team took a look at it and possibly try to make more intuitive.

    I’ve gotten as far as getting a widget appearing (although I want one on the left and right of the centered logo). I realize your admins have a ton of requests, but a little guidance would be very much appreciated.



    I have asked Vinay who is responsible for our Documentation to take a look and check if there are changes / fixes we can do! Thank you for your feedback.

    Best regards,


    Still waiting for help on this, anybody who can jump in show me what I’m missing would be great. If Mike (administrator) is out there, please feel free to give me a reply.



    I tried to troubleshoot this issue but the login credentials you provided do not work for me. Would you mind checking once again and then send us working login credentials?

    The user role for the account you send us should be set to ‘administrator’ so we can try to disable all plugins and add custom code (if necessary) to resolve the issue.

    Please make sure you have the correct header settings as mentioned in the docs for the code to work :)

    Best regards,


    My bad, here you go.

    FYI, I removed the code from the functions.php, including the CSS as well. Use the page called 123_Homepage to view site.



    Thank you for contacting us.

    I have updated the header settings to match the settings provided in the documentation and everything is working fine now.

    You can go ahead and add your widgets and custom style it :)

    Best regards,


    Thank you for doing this, very helpful.
    Can you tell what code was added and where? I would like to know the process for future site development.



    I’m glad you like the modification.

    I have followed the same steps as mentioned in the docs.

    1. Correct header settings.
    2. Activate header widgets.
    3. Copy and paste the CSS for the required header layout.

    Let us know if you have any questions or we can close the ticket :)

    Best regards,


    Hi, I just got back to this site and noticed that the slider (full-width easy slider or the advanced layer slider) is not below the navigation bar. The nav bar is also appearing transparent as well, although the transparency option is not selected. Is there some CSS that need to be adjusted to correct this?



    I’m unable to view the password protected pages and the credentials do not work for me any more. Make sure the header height is not set to custom pixels instead is set to slim or large.

    Try adding the below CSS to your site to move the main container a little down.

    .responsive #top #main {
        padding-top: 30px !important;

    Best regards,


    Dear all,
    Is there any plan to add this functionality (widget in logo area) in the theme ?

    I have tried this but it doesn’t seem to work (no header widget visible in the widgets setup page)
    Best regards

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    Hi Raphaël,

    It’s a part of the theme already, but you will have to add the custom code in order to display it. If you need help with that then please open a new thread and provide us with information about what you need help with and where.

    Best regards,


    thanks I will !



    Great, let’s continue in your other thread.

    Best regards,

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