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    Hi still suffers from some issue that should have been fixed in 4.6.3:

    – the text-block element still has an empty developer tab thus no custom id and/or custom class can be set
    – links in the testimonial element get rendered with target _blank but rel=”noopener nofollow” is missing. If you are it to fix you might think about a small redsign of the entire link and to apply a filter hook to it.At least to allow manipulation of target and rel attribute.


    this must have something to do with the new toggle of screenoptions. Previously (4.6.2) it wasn’t like that, but like all elements without toggle containers.
    Till it was fixed i copied the 4.6.2 textblock.php to my child-theme


    Aha – something has been forgotten:

    open textblock.php – in : function popup_elements()

    before the tab_container closes there is a close_div missing

    so find of that function this:

    		"type" 	=> "close_tab_container", //close tab container
    		'nodescription' => true

    there has to be just before a closing div:

    		"type" 	=> "close_div",
    		'nodescription' => true

    all tabs had to be closed propper.
    here is a corrected textblock.php to download: pastebin


    Hi Günter, long time since we talked. Hope you are well. I had no time to debug the issue. It just came to my attention while working on a site. I think it is not a big deal and Kriesi and his team will fix it in 4.6.4.


    no debug – just download – and replace ;)


    Thank you. Your second post came in while i was posting my answer :-)


    I still get an empty page under Developer. I uploaded the pastebin texblock.php to my childtheme but nothing happens. I put the file in wp-content – themes – enfold child. Maybe the wrong place?



    there is no automatic load of the child-theme replacement files:
    there is a child-theme functions.php snippet that induces the replacement:

    the place then for the substitutes is: child-theme/shortcodes/

    in this case i would overwrite the parent theme file – because it will be fixed in next update


    Thank you Guenni. That worked perfectly. You are a star.




    Awesome! Glad it worked. We’ll close the thread now. Please don’t hesitate to open another if you need anything else.

    Have a nice day.

    Best regards,

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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