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    Wow, I was so surprised to see 4.2.2 push just now… I updated on my staging site and it fixed all the bugs with the full screen and ALB video element….. I’ve tested most of my site on desktop and mobile, and so far this looks like a very stable release. I don’t see any bugs.

    I will monitor this board for a few days before moving production site to 4.2.2 just in case I’m missing something, but so far I’m really happy. My thanks.

    THANK YOU!!!

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    Brilliant news! One of my client’s websites has a video background as the main feature of their homepage and I had to change it to a static image until this was fixed in Enfold! I know it was the WP update that caused it and it was too much work to roll back the WP version. I’ll also wait a few days before updating the theme in case there’s any bugs that come up. I’ll update one of my own sites that has it though so I can check it all works ok :-)


    Actually, it was not the WP Update that caused it. Full screen video works fine with Enfold 4.1.2. and the latest version of WP. Something happened in 4.2 that broke it, and 4.2.2 fixed it thankfully.

    I do wish they would have included the latest LayerSider update with 4.2.2…. I would love to have a week or two without the orange circle telling me to update! :)


    How strange. I rolled back to the previous version of Enfold (not WP) and the video still wouldn’t work. Are you sure videos uploaded to the media library worked ok in Enfold v4.1.2 and the latest version of WP? I heard videos embedded from YouTube etc. were fine.
    Perhaps I needed to clear my cache though (face palm!).
    Yes same problem here with the plugins notification saying there’s one to update but there isn’t…


    Actually I just checked and the client’s site has Enfold 4.1.1 which wouldn’t show the background video in the colour section. Ah well at least the bug is fixed now!


    i just checked all and the (local) videos in slider backgrounds are working fine….


    it does still not work on safari browsers and on ipad



    Ah! Thanks for that! I use a Mac with Safari. The background video is in a colour section background.
    I didn’t think videos on websites have ever autoplayed on iPads and iPhones anyway – they never have for me and I think Enfold say this too, so I have always shown a background image as an alternative for those devices.

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    well they played, but safari changed security issues…
    if you change in safaris “developer tools” to “user agent” -> ipad it plays as an emulation for the ipad also… isnt that strange :-)

    but to be honest… for me it shows no background images as an alternative in the normal browser and on a ipad… does that work for you really?


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    i can confirm – that a selfhosted video does not start on OSX HighSierra and Safari Version 11.0.3 : just a gray background

    on Safari – Developer Tools – UserAgent : IPad – the video works ! (as you said)


    Yes it always worked (mine is in a colour section not a layer slider) – the video played automatically on Desktop etc. and on iPhone, iPad etc., it showed the static image. In a colour section on the ‘Section Background’ tab, I had the URL of the video in the ‘Background Video’ field and also a background image chosen.
    There are also more options now (‘Screen Options’ tab) where you can show/hide sections and elements on different screen sizes which I use all the time! For some elements/sections, I a version of it for Desktop and Tablet landscape, plus a different version for mobiles and tablet portrait. Some responsive elements just don’t show exactly how I want them to on different screen sizes/devices so I have full control with this feature.


    Oh no….. sorry to hear this. I am a Windows user so have no way to test Safari desktop…. sigh.

    I’m using a Slider now to display full screen video on mobile and desktop but I don’t want to go back and rebuild old pages so I need the fix to work…

    (Example of full screen video on mobile and desktop: ) still making some tweaks.


    i can confirm – that a selfhosted video does not start on OSX HighSierra and Safari Version 11.0.3 : just a gray background

    Do you mean with this latest version of Enfold 4.2.2 ? Oh no!


    I can also confirm using Developer Tools in Chrome that the background video that used to work on iPad in landscape mode now no longer works and displays a “Please insert a background photo” tag where before it would show the video.

    How do I edit the subject of this post….. haha??


    (Example of full screen video on mobile and desktop: ) still making some tweaks.

    Wow your background video works on my iPhone! When I first created the website that has a background video, I’d read on this forum a message from a moderator: “Video autoplay is disabled on mobile devices due to manufacturer limitations, but you can set a fallback image for the Color Section to display on mobile devices.” at

    So mobile devices must have changed since then and now allow video autoplay! I’ll test that out with one of my own websites after I update the theme to 4.2.2!

    Hmm what would you change the subject line to? :-)


    I can also confirm using Developer Tools in Chrome that the background video that used to work on iPad in landscape mode now no longer works and displays a “Please insert a background photo” tag where before it would show the video.

    I’ve just checked your link on my iPad pro and the background video plays fine in landscape and portrait. Maybe Chrome’s iPad emulator isn’t correct then?


    ok – i see you have inserted a m4v – video – i will try that instead a mp4
    yes i’m on 4.2.2


    Hi Steph, that one works great because it’s my production site, running on the last stable version of Enfold 4.1.2.

    If you want to see the problem (mods too please!) go to:

    Really bummed that 4.2.2 did not fix everything! WOW.

    Also the full screen mobile / video is on a new slider I just installed called Smart Slider 3… way better than Layer Slider. I plan to use that slider for a lot of many content going forward.


    Ah, I see and you are right. In iPad portrait I see the video with a red play button (so doesn’t autoplay) and in landscape it is white with text saying ‘Please set a mobile device fallback image for this video in your wordpress backend’. In Safari on a Mac it shows a black screen with the title over it in white to the bottom left, and a play button with timeline along the bottom.


    Yes and I even tried the “controls are hidden” option which does not hide the controls and does not help. I worry that developers are just going to say “well, this is the new way it works” like they did with the mega menus and we will lose this functionality we had in 4.1.2. I hope this worry is unfounded.

    Updated subject line: 4.2.2 is out and video bug is improved but still there

      To make this easier for a moderator to help fix this new problem introduced with 4.2.2:

    4.1.2 Full screen mobile works great even on iPad pro (Chrome emulation mode + real iPad pro): 215 Locust Avenue
    4.2.2 exact same page, no longer works in ipad pro and asks for fallback image:


    Oh no…. same here I’ve updated one of my sites to Enfold 4.2.2 – video backgrounds still not working and just shows a blank screen, so back to having a static image again… This is viewing it in Safari, iPad and iPhone. It works in Chrome however.


    i now tried a lot of alternative video formats (webm, ogv, m4v, mp4 etc.). Safari Desktop does not play it at all.


    Surely the developers would have tested the update in all browsers and different devices. I’ve spent around 2 hours today on this issue – backing up my existing theme, uploading the new theme, adding the background video back in, testing on different devices and removing the background video as it doesn’t work in Safari and reading and replying to stuff in this thread to see if we can get to the bottom of the issue.


    It’s 6:40pm here in the UK now so time to cook dinner! The time on my last message of this thread says 8:40pm (the time in many parts of Europe), so perhaps that is the time where the developers are based so they may have finished work for the day now. Hopefully we will get some info from the moderators soon.

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    ok – lets go to eat something

    here is source-code if i use on safari – the user agent (ipad/iphone). on top
    you see there are fallback video alternatives

    and at the bottom safari without user agent – pur – like HighSierra uses it:


    by the way – this is not only an enfold trouble – the i-net is full of that topic.
    It seems that all have this problem. So turn back to 4.12 Enfold does not solve the problem .
    With their over-the-top arrogance, Apple has decided to throw things over. A lot of wordpress themes ( joomla etc too) got this troubles.
    For performance reasons i’m testing now a lot of cdn free options and come to Cloudinary. Has a very good wordpress plugin and good free options. Even for bigger sites this is a good option. But now the point to this topic. They do transform videos for you. So you can realy adopt the video to the settings with good acceptance to Safari (mp4, H264, baseline pofile level 3). Even with this Safari does not start the video.
    But a little advantage Cloudinary places a fallback image which is displayed instead.

    I hope apple would come soon to a solution of this.

    So Apple and WordPress 4.9 ff is the trouble-maker.
    WP 4.8 everything is fine with Enfold 4.22 and Safari

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    i solved the Safari / iPad / iPhone – Problem with custom classes + CSS now.
    As i have 5 (nearly identical) platforms. the class sets another background image (which in my case is a screenshot of the video starting sequence) so that “nice grey” disappears. You can set this also only for Safari via CSS, but i dont need to:

    /* Safari Video Background */
    .sample_class_1 div .mejs-container {
    	background: #b7211c url(https://sample-url/sample-background-image-1.jpg) no-repeat center center !important;
    .sample_class_2 div .mejs-container {
    	background: #7f95a3 url(https://sample-url/sample-background-image-2.jpg) no-repeat center center !important;
    .sample_class_3 div .mejs-container {
    	background: #e4a71b url(https://sample-url/sample-background-image-3.jpg) no-repeat center center !important;
    .sample_class_4 div .mejs-container {
    	background: #8c682c url(https://sample-url/sample-background-image-4.jpg) no-repeat center center !important;
    .sample_class_5 div .mejs-container {
    	background: #4cbffe url(https://sample-url/sample-background-image-5.jpg) no-repeat center center !important;

    for mobile display i just set the mobile image as above within the slider

    not perfect, but nicer than before :-)

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    Hi isee,
    Brilliant and thanks for posting this – I’ll be trying it out later, will let you know how it goes!


    I am absolutely astounded to wake up and find zero response from the mods / Kriesi on this. We are truly alone.

    Thank you, isee, will try that as soon as I can!! Does this fix the issue with video falling back to the fallback image on the ipad pro?



    Rob, threads like this that gets many replies, change position a lot in our queue and i think that is why they are more difficult to notice for us. I personally just saw this thread now. This definitely do not mean you are alone :)
    Thanks to @guenni007, he explained the issue here – I am pretty sure our devs are aware of Safari issue. I am not sure if there is much we can do however i will inform them once again. They might be able to find a workaround.
    For the time being, please try using the workaround provided in this thread.


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