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    @guenni007 – oh, cool thanks. i find these forums very difficult to find what i’m searching for. ✌🏼

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    okay, so, in case this might be helpful to others, and since i wanted to see a preview of all the options myself, i went ahead & searched’n’selected on google fonts all that’s in the Enfold > General Styling > Fonts selection.
    there were 3 exceptions: Droid Sans, Droid Serif, & Terminal Dosis could not be found.
    other than those, this link will open the 89 others (along with the various weights chosen for them, according to the Enfold selection list (in code view).

    Google Fonts Selection Preview

    i am curious tho – how did you guys come up with this selection to include in the theme & why not include all their weights?

    lastly, IMHO if you’re gonna have a selection of fonts for us to choose from then it would be most helpful to provide a preview of what those fonts look like. -2¢

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    really?! :-(
    i know they are Google Fonts since they’re labeled as such in the dropdown.

    i don’t want to spend the extraordinary amount of time it would take to type in each one into the google fonts website search to see what they look like.

    i was wondering/hoping you had a page somewhere that showed them all at once, what they all looked like.

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    i’m terribly sorry Ismael & others, but i’m just not “getting it” – & i really want to “get it”. i beg for more patience…

    so, the Enfold > Maintenance Mode options:
    A) Enabled – Use Selected page content without redirect = no matter what is entered into the address bar after the domain, the user is shown the “coming-soon” page (this is what i want & am happy with).
    B) Enabled – Redirect to selected page = going to any page changes the url to “”
    …(and in the following dropdown menu, i’ve selected the “coming-soon” page i made for this purpose).

    regarding these above two options, whether either is “Enabled” or not, these do not have anything to do with search engine bots ability to crawl & index the pages in this site – but instead, that function is in the Settings > Reading > Search Engine Visibility option – right/wrong?

    then as a second issue – i’m not sure where this 404 filter thing came from. i totally don’t understand that, but i’m wondering if it has anything to do with my issues or was put in here by mistake or what.

    my curiosity question was in regards to the “/?avia_forced_reroute=1” part that results from having “B” from the above options selected. i just don’t understand what that accomplishes & why anybody would need it. your answer to that was in giving me the 404 filter code. is that related? if so, how?

    i do see the option in Enfold > Theme Options > “Custom Error 404 Page”, but i’ve not planned on creating a special page for “page not found” issues.

    thanks again,

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    Oh, so by my choosing the other option to remove the “/?avia_forced_reroute=1” from the url, the site is open for search engine bots to index the in development site!?
    ugh, so i can’t have my cake & eat it too? meaning, if i don’t want “/?avia_forced_reroute=1” in the url for the user, while in maintenance mode, then google will index the site during my dev phase?
    so just to be clear – if i do not want search engine bots crawling the site as i develop it, i need to choose the other option & let “/?avia_forced_reroute=1” be in the url – right/wrong?

    and now, your throwing another kink in this by giving me “avf_404_supress_status_code” – i’m sorry but, i have NO idea what that is.

    i know this thread is sorta dragging on, but,
    1) please confirm or re-explain about the “/?avia_forced_reroute=1
    2) please explain what “avf_404_supress_status_code” is

    thanks again.

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    hi Ismael,

    perhaps i am over complicating this – sorry.

    i guess my explanations weren’t clear. i’ll try again – the reason i was wanting a whitelisted IP address option for the maintenance mode is so i wouldn’t have to be logged in to view how the site would be displayed as a regular user.

    since i initially asked about that, i found the option to turn off the admin top toolbar when viewing the site; which was my main issue & reason for wanting the IP address option. i had used such a plugin in the past & liked how it worked, but none of them seem to work well enough to use anymore. thus my asking if Enfold could do this, or if there might be some code i could add to create this function.

    so, since that’s not an option, i’ll just have to settle with keeping the top toolbar hidden.

    the other issue of the redirected info in the url, you solved by telling me to choose the other option. which i did & that works fine.
    i didn’t understand the language for that option.
    i still don’t understand what the purpose of wanting that option would be; my curiosity would appreciate an explanation of that, but not necessary.

    thanks again!

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    hi Ismael,

    thanks for replying, but, i don’t understand… where is the area to enter whitelisted IP addresses?

    or is your instruction just regarding my 2nd question? i did as you said & it does seem to remove the “/?avia_forced_reroute=1” bit from the url. so, i’m curious – why would anyone ever want that appending the url? so why even have that as an option. i didn’t understand the wording difference between the 2 options, but now i do (i think) :-)

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    hi Basillis,

    as far as i’m aware, the browser doesn’t matter, it’s like this in all that i’ve tried (safari, chrome, firefox). it’s not a browser issue, it’s just the functionality of the theme’s maintenance option. since Enfold’s maintenance option is only “user-roles based” instead of “ip address whitelist based” then i was hoping somebody might have a bit of code to add to the child themes function.php (or somewhere) to let me specify a couple IP addresses that would be allowed in addition to the user role.

    if that’s not possible, then please add this as a potential future function.

    in the meantime, i found a crude workaround ;-)
    i discovered that in Users > my user > Options, i can UNcheck the “Show Toolbar when viewing site” option. that ultimately gives me what i really wanted, which was to have the maintenance page up for traffic while we develop the site, but get rid of the wordpress top bar when viewing the site, to make sure everything looks & works as it will for the visitors.

    now, aside from that, is there a way to get ride of the “/?avia_forced_reroute=1” bit appended to the domain when in maintenance mode?

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    anyone? :-(

    in reply to: Maintenance Mode & IP Address support? #1127035

    i have tried a LOT of other “plugins” that will put the site in a “maintenance mode”/”under construction”/”coming soon” status, that would let me control access via IP Address as well as User Roles (Administrators) – but NONE of them work well; most of them even left the off status on even after i turned it off & deactivated the plugin & deleted the plugin & empty caches. the only way to get the pages back were to edit each page a little & republish them. ugh.

    not sure why this is so difficult, but i guess it is :-(

    if anybody knows of a way to do this, i’m all ears.

    PS: one more thing – when i have Enfold’s maintenance mode on, & have it redirecting to a page i created for it, the url for the user who comes to the site appends itself with “/?avia_forced_reroute=1”.
    it would be nice if the url wouldn’t change at all, just show the domain without showing the “coming soon” page. that way, when the site goes live, if a user comes back to where they left off, it may still take them to the coming soon page. -2¢

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    incognito mode made no difference

    in reply to: Contact Form Email Address Validation #1004524

    really?!?! i’m surprised that you’re pointing me to use another plugin & modify it rather than just fixing the one we have that we paid for in Enfold.

    plus symbols are an acceptable & common symbol used in email addresses, like dashes & periods. will you consider just fixing this error instead?

    in reply to: Contact Form Email Address Validation #1004006

    ah, okay, so then what about the plus (+) symbol???

    i have a bunch of folks who use the plus symbol in their email addresses that can’t use the Enfold contact form because it doesn’t validate.

    the + is a legit symbol to use in email addresses, so… can you fix that or give me a hackaround to add it to the rules somewhere or something (in such a way that a theme update won’t overwrite)?


    in reply to: LayerSlider in Safari #main padding-top anomaly #995293

    well, not really. given the responsive nature of the modified header, i’d have to make a media query adjustment for every pixel width! that’s why it took the jquery to dynamically add the padding-top to the content based on the header height, which is based on the window width. yes it would seem that your php function was supposed to do this, but somewhere in the process of giving the header custom css so the image stretched the full width of the container, that caused it to not work anymore. so by disabling that function & adding my jquery & custom css, it all seems to work now. thanks for confirming that. of course the real test will be in letting the client & users beat it to death & see what happens ;-)

    in reply to: LayerSlider in Safari #main padding-top anomaly #993595

    i was thinking that sindce that style block was showing up in the page source, then it must be somewhere in a theme file that i could comment out or something, so i went hunting. i found it in the “functions-enfold.php” file around line 1088, a function called “avia_header_html_custom_height“.

    since this clearly isn’t working with the modified header style we need, i tried copying it over to our child theme & commenting it out. that did not work. so i started researching how i could disable that without messing with the original theme file.

    i found via
    to put this in the child theme’s “function.php”

    add_action( 'init', 'remove_my_action' );
        function remove_my_action(){
          remove_action( 'wp_head', 'avia_header_html_custom_height');

    and that worked!!!
    …i think ;-)

    please take a look & let me know if it loads good on your end & if what i did is not just technically okay to do but correct & won’t mess anything else up.

    on my end, the pages load great in Safari, but now there’s a little shift/blink in Chrome & Firefox (argh) – but i’m not sure it’s enough to try & figure out & fix. what do you think?


    in reply to: LayerSlider in Safari #main padding-top anomaly #993382

    no, it’s happening on Safari, Chrome, & Firefox (Mac),

    but only if the window is smaller than its max (1200 i think) & bigger than the mobile version (768 i think).

    update: after i removed the css to have a background image behind the layerslider div, that visual effect of it loading big then shrinking down has gone. so i guess it was the bg that was loading big & resizing, not the layerslider. still not sure ‘why’ that would happen, but not necessary to figure out.

    BUT, i guess i’ve been dealing with multiple issues here that looked as if it was one issue; as we’ve been whittling it down…
    – the revised javascript took care of the padding-top for the content issue in safari,
    – removing the bg img on the slideshow took care of the blowout resize issue,
    – but now this still leaves a weird effect that’s probably related to either the nav menu or the content padding-top calc.

    on all 3 browsers for me, again if the window is in between the max & min sizes (the smaller you get before it changes to mobile view, the more dramatic you’ll see this), and on every page, when you load/reload, the nav menu height is too big or the content padding-top is too much, so when the page loads, the content is pushed down, then it jumps up in to position.

    i wish there was a way to watch the css for each tag as the page loads to see if it’s one thing when it loads then changes right after loading.

    i just found this code embedded in the head that i’m wondering if is causing the problem…

    <style type='text/css' media='screen'>
     #top #header_main > .container, #top #header_main > .container .main_menu  .av-main-nav > li > a, #top #header_main #menu-item-shop .cart_dropdown_link{ height:150px; line-height: 150px; }
     .html_top_nav_header .av-logo-container{ height:150px;  }
     .html_header_top.html_header_sticky #top #wrap_all #main{ padding-top:202px; } 

    …it appears around line 100 when i look at the source code via Chrome dev tools.

    i can’t figure out why this little block is embedded in the page when all the others are linked files. IMO only my custom css should appear there.
    but what i “THINK” might be happening is, this #main padding-top loads, which pushes the content down too far when the window is smaller than max, and then my javascript/jquery snip loads which brings the content back up to where it needs to be based on the header height (since the header shrinks as the window gets smaller).

    so i can’t figure out a way to negate/reset that padding-top of 202px that loads first, & just let the js handle what the value should be.

    does this make any sense?
    do you agree/disagree with my analysis?
    if that’s the case, how can i get rid of that style block?

    thanks again for your help.

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    hi Ismael,

    well, it didn’t, so i had to.

    i made a post just about that when that happened @

    i did end up having to add custom css because our client wanted the main header to stretch across the whole content width & shrink from there. if i left it as default, then when the browser window got to a certain size & under, it would wrap the header image in margin/padding so much so that as the window shrunk, the header image would get way too small. so i adjusted the css to keep the header image at full width with no margin/padding as it shrunk.

    i’m not sure if what i did there is what disabled the auto-calculating padding-top to the main content area or not. but regardless, the jquery i came up with at the above link seemed to work great… until someone pointed out about the Safari glitch (and now layerslider glitches).

    so, i’m content with the new jquery fixing the Safari glitch (by adding the “on load and resize function”).

    but do you have any idea why the Layerslider would load at fullsize then jump down to the appropriate size?
    can you see it happening? re:
    (remember to make the browser window smaller, empty cache, then load/reload to see effect).


    PS: to clarify, i just commented out the background image i gave to the layerslider, of the first slide, so you can see that tht’s not the reason for the jump. the whole div is for some reason loading larger than it should & then resizing a moment later.

    ah, cool – thanks.

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    hi Ismael, thanks for the reply!

    unfortunately, that did not work. it had no change on the delay pop in to place thing, and it reverted back the Safari problem.

    oh, & i tried it both the way you sent and also with replacing all the “$” with the word “jQuery” (as is apparently the way to get it to work in wordpress).

    in reply to: LayerSlider in Safari #main padding-top anomaly #991845


    i’ve been doing more research & feel like i’m close but still not complete.

    now my code is…

    		jQuery(window).on("load resize",function() {
    			jQuery("#main").css("padding-top", jQuery("#header").height());

    i discovered that the “load” function seems to take care of that initial Safari loading the wrong height. but still need the “resize” function for when the browser window is resized. i figured out i can use both :-)

    but now there seems to be some sort of delay happening (in Safari & Chrome & Firefox).

    if you start with your browser window width anywhere smaller than max, empty cache, & reload, you’ll see the LayerSlider begins pushed down farther from the menu than it should be. but within a second or two, it pops back up into place.

    i can’t figure out how to even troubleshoot this since it pops back in to place before i can get the dev tools to load & examine its rendered css.

    it does look like that either the first slide or the area bg begins too large then when it shrinks down to the appropriate size is when it pops in to place. it’s happening so fast i can’t tell what’s causing it.
    note: i do have the first slide image as a background image to the layerslider div. that was done to try & minimize the empty area that shows before the first slide loads.

    so, can you:
    1) confirm my js/jquery is correct, &
    2) let me know what’s going on with that loading delay thing?


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    i forgot to mention a critical piece of information (duh)… i’m using a small piece of Jquery to keep the content (#main) padding-top adjusted based on the height of the header. since the header is responsive, & thusly grows/shrinks according to window width, i couldn’t figure out any other way to account for this other than using this code in the header (source)…

    		jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    			jQuery(window).resize(function() {
    				jQuery("#main").css("padding-top", jQuery("#header").height());

    i have tried a bunch of variations on this, but alas, i don’t know how to program jquery/js alone.

    can you see how this might be fixed for Safari to calculate it correctly?


    THANK YOU for advising on updating the “header.php! i just spent the last hour troubleshooting/researching why the youtube links weren’t opening in the lightbox, and this fixed it!!!

    i had previously updated the theme via the wordpress updater. i didn’t know that that didn’t automatically update the parts i have in my “child” theme version. so i backed that up, then copied the updated header.php in to my child folder (via ftp), then opened that & my backup up in my editor, then copy/pasted all my added code parts. saved & viola! all was right with the world again :-)

    i wish there was a way for us to have the child themes updated with theme updates BUT in a way that wouldn’t mess up any changes we’ve made to it. or, a better way to know if after an update if we need to manually update parts of our child files too.
    anyways, thanks. ✌🏼

    by adding this to the Head section…

    		jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    			jQuery(window).resize(function() {
    in reply to: "Blog Post" Pagination Not Working #879454

    hi guys,

    okay, so… no luck with the server host. unfortunately, they do not offer anything over PHP 5.6 at this time. so unless Enfold has some version 7 specific code in it that’s causing this prob, they think upgrading would not fix it anyway.

    also, the admin did not have any luck disabling the Suhosin thing. here’s what he had to say…

    “Suhosin” is Korean for “guardian angel.” It is a C-based application initially designed to provide some additional hacking protection for PHP 5-series installations. I’m deeply skeptical that Suhosin has anything to do with your Enfold problems, but a PHP 7 upgrade would likely mean that Suhosin would disappear anyway.

    …also, he said that the “mod_security” is not installed on the server.

    so, now what?

    this seems very odd. are there no other reports of this type of problem?

    in the meantime… we can’t leave the 404 there, so i’ve changed from using that “Page” with the posts block to using the straight-up “Post” Category. this brings back the pagination but of course does not provide us a way to have custom content above the posts (easily). that’s ok for now, but we’d still like to see this glitch fixed.

    i’ve left the news “Page” in place (just not linking to it), so we can quickly move back to using it when the time comes.

    please don’t consider this issue closed tho, at this time.

    in reply to: Best location to add custom CSS styles #878897

    ah. ok. thanks.

    in reply to: "Blog Post" Pagination Not Working #878891

    no prob. thanks.

    okay, i will contact our hosting provider & ask them to upgrade us to PHP 7 and to disable the Suhosin thing.

    i’ll report back as soon as that’s done.


    in reply to: "Blog Post" Pagination Not Working #878873

    Thanks for your input, Mike.

    what is “Suhosin”?

    when i look at the browser console, i don’t see that warning – how do you see it?

    regarding the archive.php file…
    – i took it out to revert to default, but that made no difference.
    btw: the only change i made to that file was to add a div inside the main div to provide a custom style directly under the page title; it’s straight up html with embedded css style, that’s all. so surely that wouldn’t cause this problem.


    PS: please tell me when you all log in & make changes; most notably, deactivating plugins. that “Emma” plugin doesn’t save all its settings when deactivated & reactivated. so i need to know to go fix that each time. thx.

    in reply to: Best location to add custom CSS styles #878872

    thanks Mike.

    two followup questions then…

    1) i’m still curious where the other css is kept; i’ve ftp’ed in & poked around but cannot find it.

    2) how do you clear the site cache? i know how to clear browser cache.
    is it possible to do withOUT yet another plugin?


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    okay… today, i have:

    1) updated WordPress to latest version.
    2) updated Enfold to latest version.
    3) switched themes back from child to main.
    4) made sure the 2 needed plugins are updated to latest versions also.

    none of these made any difference :-(

    browser console isn’t telling me anything helpful.
    and there’s the persistent “1” badge indicating there’s an update, but there’s not. that always seems to be there. i only mention in case it’s related to this issue; if not, no worries.

    thanks for your help. i look forward to your next idea.

    in reply to: "Blog Post" Pagination Not Working #878340

    hi Ismael,

    apologies for the delay – been traveling.

    okay, so… first – how do i upgrade the theme? we’re using version 4.1.2 (according to the info screen); we’re actually using a “Child theme” from it & have customized it.
    i’ve added a lot of css to the Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS area,
    as well as to the Appearance > Editor > “archive.php”, “functions.php”, & “header.php” files (tho there are others in the wp-content > themes > enfold-child > folder that i’ve not modified for some reason).

    secondly – i completely took out the “News – Page” and remade it from scratch, with no difference in results.
    i did not, however, delete any of the “Post – Categories”. i’m not sure how that would affect all the posts that utilize them. not sure how i would control that from getting messed up. would i have to make a note of which categories each post is attached to, then delete them, then recreate them, then go back in to each post & re-connect them? seems like an awful lot of work without guarantee of success.
    is there anything else we can try first?

    note, there is a “News – Category” that is the default category when posts are created but the “News – Page” > Blog Posts block is set to show posts from all categories.


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