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    Hey Ismael,

    thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I think the issue with our big images is not the solution. As I mentioned before, when we switch to a default WordPress theme, the page loads at least twice as fast as with Enfold – using the same sized images. Moreover, modern browsers should be able to handle load balancing and we also use caching plugins.

    Could you please investigate a little more and give us some advice how we could optimize the Enfold theme configuration to speed up our page?

    Best regards

    in reply to: static home page seems not to work #623768

    Closed… I tracked this down as a bug of wpml one more time.. :(

    Maybe someone knows a better translation system for wordpress? I have had a lot of issues with this system in the past.

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    Any news on this?

    in reply to: AVIA in blog and posts #513931

    I manged it by a third party child theme plugin… Never mind.

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    Well, I just tried to do this. This caused bigger problems than I though. You are writing in your codumentation “Now you’ll need to re-set your menu options and any other WordPress theme specific options that are tied to which theme you are using. Even though you are technically still using the same parent theme (with the same options), WordPress sees using a child theme as different than the parent.” … this is a bigger task :( I cannot do this on a live page. Any idea how to do this programmatically?

    in reply to: AVIA in blog and posts #458428

    It not really much. We needed more alternate colors and so we have overwritten this:

    $avia_config[‘color_sets’] = array(
    ‘header_color’ => ‘Logo Area’,
    ‘main_color’ => ‘Main Content’,
    ‘alternate_color’ => ‘Alternate Content (gelb)’,
    ‘alternate_color2’ => ‘Alternate Content 2 (beige 1)’,
    ‘alternate_color3’ => ‘Alternate Content 3 (beige 2)’,
    ‘footer_color’ => ‘Footer’,
    ‘socket_color’ => ‘Socket’

    If you would have the possiobility to have more than one alternate color, so I would not need any changes anymore :)

    in reply to: AVIA in blog and posts #458419

    Thanks, I see.

    I didn’t found this AVIA activation for blog/posts in the revision history and I didn’t wanted to update without reason since we have made some minor changes and we don’t have a child theme :( I don’t know of a good practice to get child theme into an existing and used installation :(

    in reply to: Accordion widget doesn't work on IE 9.8112.16421 #381893

    Hehe, you are kidding :) Reinstalling IE is not really possible since it is a basic part of the OS…

    Anyway, your example is working on the IE ours is not. I don’t see any difference between those two “implementations”.

    in reply to: reusable page layout blocks #323802

    Well, not exactly. Now I can create a template (the name is a bit awkward du to the enfold template itself) and I can reuse it as a stamp everywhere. Now, I’d like to change the CDCI afterwards and I would like to edit this template there and I expect that everywhere it changes right after I changed the template. Since this is currently more a stamp than a template it doesn’t change because it is copied there.

    I really hope there is a wordpress plugin that helps me doing this. I know enfold ist “just” a template, but you already have so many enhancements, so I think you may help me out.

    in reply to: reusable page layout blocks #323655

    Thanks, I don’t want text blocks. Text is always a matter of the content writers. I am thinking of particular layout/design blocks. For example I have a three-columned content page where I positioned images, text and a facebook box. This page should be a template for all subsequent pages because the CDCI just says that. Currently, the content writer must be aware of this and must build pages like that. I cannot prepare a set of predefined layout templates for him :(

    in reply to: horizontal subnavigation #323653

    Yes, we’ve used Megamenu already for several tasks but I have the need to have a second menu of the same size and haptic like the main menu with another styling. Is that somehow possible?

    in reply to: horizontal subnavigation #323569

    no one?

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    Okay, I see. Since I am quite new to wordpress maybe you know a third party plugn that helps building resuable blocks? Every CMS I have worked with before has a feature like that. This is mandatory to get bigger websites maintainable…


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