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    Hey there,

    does anone know how to create reusable layout/design blocks? I can save “vorlagen” in the enhanced layout editor, but I cannot edit these things they are like stamps not templates. Maybe there is a plugin that supports creating templated layout/design blocks?

    kind regards

    PS.: what kind of forum is this, I cannot search with the enfold subtopic.


    Hey ultramixer!

    Unfortunately the theme doesn’t have reusable block like that. The templates are indeed one off insertable snippets that once saved are not re-editable.

    The forums are bbPress and I don’t know why Kriesi doesn’t have a forum specific search.

    Best regards,


    Okay, I see. Since I am quite new to wordpress maybe you know a third party plugn that helps building resuable blocks? Every CMS I have worked with before has a feature like that. This is mandatory to get bigger websites maintainable…




    You can try using this plugin –
    I personally do not have any experience with such plugins unfortunately



    Thanks, I don’t want text blocks. Text is always a matter of the content writers. I am thinking of particular layout/design blocks. For example I have a three-columned content page where I positioned images, text and a facebook box. This page should be a template for all subsequent pages because the CDCI just says that. Currently, the content writer must be aware of this and must build pages like that. I cannot prepare a set of predefined layout templates for him :(


    What you described is actually exactly how the current templates work. You would create a generic layout and save it as a template. Then for each page created the user would click on the template for it to be added into the page where the user would only need to add text and images into the layout.


    Well, not exactly. Now I can create a template (the name is a bit awkward du to the enfold template itself) and I can reuse it as a stamp everywhere. Now, I’d like to change the CDCI afterwards and I would like to edit this template there and I expect that everywhere it changes right after I changed the template. Since this is currently more a stamp than a template it doesn’t change because it is copied there.

    I really hope there is a wordpress plugin that helps me doing this. I know enfold ist “just” a template, but you already have so many enhancements, so I think you may help me out.


    I would say there is most likely nothing out there that would add on to the themes own template function to allow you to have a single editable template. The design of the layout builder is to make creating and editing content quick and easy. It isn’t the best solution when dealing with a huge swath content but I wouldn’t say WordPress in general has good solutions for that anyway.

    If you wanted repeatable and later changeable elements the best solution WordPress has is either template files written in php, shortcodes written for those specific calls or a combination of the two.

    You could actually also add in a widget area to your template type pages that you can control from the Widget area alone for all of the pages.


    Just give this one a try: I just bought it and it works like a charm!!!



    Bijl, Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,

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