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  • Hi Ismael,

    yes, clicking on “Save” under the “Theme > Options” helped! :-)

    But there is still the issue (which I also had with the old “shortcodes.js”) that the transition speed from the last to the first slide (n –>1) of the show remains unaffected by changing the value of “transitionSpeed” (In the old “shortcodes.js” I found the default value hardcoded somewhere and replaced it by “transitionSpeed/2”). The transition speed between all other slides is correctly changing with the value I enter for “transitionSpped”. Would be nice if this issue could be fixed in one of the next Enfold updates and if “transitionSpeed” would become a Theme Option.


    Hi Ismael,

    I performed the following steps:
    1) removed the old shortcodes.js file from my (active) Enfold child theme folder
    2) removed the following code snippet from the child’s function.php:

    function change_aviajs() {
       wp_dequeue_script( 'avia-shortcodes' );
       wp_enqueue_script( 'avia-shortcodes-child', get_stylesheet_directory_uri().'/js/shortcodes.js', array('jquery'), 3, true );
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'change_aviajs', 100 );

    –> Hereafter, as expected, the transitionSpeed was back to the fast default 900ms;

    3) Then I changed the value of “transitionSpeed” directly in the main theme folder/file: config-templatebuilder > aviashortcodes > slideshow > slideshow.js from 900 to 2900. Even after deleting the browser cache and reloading the page the slide transition occures at the fast default speed.

    What is going wrong?

    Once we know how to tweak the transition speed, could you also tell me how to transfer the change from the main theme to the child theme? What do I need to write into the child’s function.php file? Could you please tell me the equivalent code snippet for the one I used under point 2) ?

    Thank you!

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    Hi fineart!

    you have to search for “transitionSpeed” in the slideshow.js and not in the .php file! I guess…

    Hello Support,
    I would need a reply.

    in reply to: Next-Previous Custom Post type in same Category #916903

    Hi Rikard!
    Perfect, it worked! Thank you!

    Super nice! Thank you! I guess this thread can be closed :-)

    Hi Jordan,

    thank you, I added this suggestion to the feature-requests.
    Could you maybe give me a hint where I could learn more about how to modify (at least small) parts of shortcodes.js via functions.php?

    Have a nice weekend!


    I urgently require support on this question.

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    oh… so there is no elegant solution? :-(

    Actually I wanted adapt the “transitionSpeed” of the image slider. Unfortunately, it is not sufficient to only increase the “hard coded” value of “transitionSpeed” but I also had to adapt a few lines of the code to avoid that the first slide was appearing faster than all other ones:

    				displaySlide.css(properties).avia_animate({opacity:1}, self.options.transitionSpeed, 'linear', function() // transitionSpeed between 1st, 2nd,... n-th slide, for child theme "transitionSpeed/2" has been replaced by "transitionSpeed" otherwise the transitionSpeed is different to the one from n -> 1.
    					hideSlide.avia_animate({opacity:0}, self.options.transitionSpeed, 'linear', fadeCallback); // transitionSpeed between n-th and 1-st slide. For child theme the hard coded value "200" has been set to the more generic solution, the variable "self.options.transitionSpeed".

    Maybe you could fix that in an update and make the “transitionSpeed” customizable value?

    Best regards!

    Sorry, maybe I didn’t explained myself well enough.
    As I have a complete (manually modified) version of the “shortcodes.js” file inside of my child theme folder this file will (to my understanding) completely overwrite the shortcodes.js file of the parent theme (and its possible updates). So indeed the parents shortcodes.js will still be updated, but it will never take effect as it is overruled by the old replica in the child.

    Hi Mike!

    Thank you! I found the corresponding number for the post-entry-… and it works like a charm!
    In addition, by setting “justify-content:” to “flex-start” I can align the layout element(s) from the left side and
    by setting it to “flex-end” from the right side of the page :-)

    Thanks again and happy weekend!

    Hello Mike,

    thank you for your fast reply!
    Unfortunately, I made a stupid “typo” in my above explanation :-(
    What I meant and what I actually did is “I used three 1/4 layout elements…” and NOT “1/3”. So as stated the total widht of the elements is 75%. Generally I would like to center any combination of layout elements with a total width smaller than 100%. I attached the debugger code of my specific page as .txt-file. Hope there is an easy solution and sorry for the confusion!

    Best regards,

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