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    Dear Support,

    somehow the “Excerpt” text field for adding an optional post or page description has disappeared with one of the recent WordPress or Enfold updates?
    At least this is the case when I have the built in classic editor enabled.

    When I use the new the block editor the excerpt field reappears ( , but then I can’t use the Avia Layout Builder…
    It is possible to have all Enfold features and WordPress fields available with both of the editor options?

    Thank you!

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    Hey trconnected,

    When using the Classic Editor the Excerpt field is located at the bottom of the edit page. If you can’t see it then select to activate it under Screen Options in the top right hand corner.

    Best regards,


    Oh, I found it, thank you! There was a time where it was displayed in the side bar and that’s where I was desperately searching ;-)
    Another question: Is it possible to use Enfold with Gutenberg editor? And does it make sense? In the current version it doesn’t look very handy to me… Will Enfold ALB elements one day be fully implemented as block elements into the Gutenberg editor?
    I’m a bit afraid if Enfold and other big themes will remain compatible with the latest developments in WP…
    Thank you for your support!



    The Layout Builder is not compatible with the Block Editor unfortunately, but we are working on implementing an integration with Elementor. I’m not sure if our elements will be available as blocks, but it’s something which we would strive for of course.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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